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Slice and Bake Oatmeal Cookies with Black Walnuts


oatmeal with black walnuts

As a child I loved spending days with my grandparents.  They lived on a huge farm and I pretty much got run of the place.  It was a child’s paradise!  I even got to take some of the animals home as pets.  I had a beautiful Bantam rooster that I brought home.  The rooster did not stay home long though.  He fell in love with a hen across the road from us.  When the weather was good I played under the China Berry tree in the front yard or walked to the creek to pick blackberries.  Out back was a big metal container where my grandfather crushed sugar cane for syrup.  Sometimes you could find me there or in the barn with all the hay.  It was the perfect place for kids and I have many fond memories.

They grew a variety of things from cotton to corn as well as pecans and walnuts. In the fall big green things resembling apples fell from the black walnut tree and we would gather them.  My grandmother stored  them to dry out and the  covering would turn black.  Around Thanksgiving if the weather outside was cold she would give my sister and I the black walnuts to crack and pick the meat out of the shell.  We would sit in front of the fireplace in the kitchen for hours retrieving this wonderful nut !  It is not an easy job.  First you remove the black covering from the shell.  We did it with a hammer and screw driver.  Next the hardest shell ever is cracked.  Lastly the meat is removed.  My grandmother would then store them for the earthy flavor to develop before putting them in her wonderful cakes and cookies.  It is hard work shelling black walnuts so the next time you have to pay $6.00 for a cup of black walnuts don’t complain.  It is all worth it!

This is a special cookie recipe.  I have the original that I copied while sitting in the floor of Walden’s bookstore in Cumberland Mall.  It was thirty years ago.  I have made these cookies numerous times at home, but the recipe was shared with my students as a great example of a slice and bake cookie.  The slice and bake rolls can be frozen and taken out at the drop of a hat for freshly baked cookies.  And there is nothing like the taste!  It’s the black walnuts that make them so special so don’t substitute them for pecans or regular walnuts.  The flavor will not be the same!

Here is another tip.  Sometimes it is hard to get the rolls round, but save the cardboard in the middle of rolls of paper towel.  Make a cut lengthwise and place the cookie dough rolled in wax paper in the cardboard and presto round cookies.

in cardboard roll

I know that you will love this recipe and it will become one of your standbys.


Slice and Bake Oatmeal Cookies from Crisco

Yield:  4 dozen cookies    


  • 1 cup Crisco  Shortening
  • OR 1 stick Crisco Baking Sticks
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped black walnuts (make sure they are finely chopped or the slices will not hold together)


    1. COMBINE shortening, granulated sugar and brown sugar in large bowl; beat with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add eggs, beating well. Add vanilla.
    2. COMBINE flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon in medium bowl. Add to shortening mixture; blend well. Stir in oats and walnuts.
    3. SHAPE dough into two 8-inch rolls. Wrap in waxed paper or clear plastic wrap. Refrigerate about 3 hours.  Dough can be frozen for a couple of months.  Let it defrost in refrigerator before slicing.
    4. HEAT oven to 350ºF. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper or lightly grease. Cut dough into 1/4-inch slices. Place on prepared cookie sheet.
    5. BAKE 8 to 10 minutes.   I like mine crispy so I prefer 12 minutes.  Cool for at least 1 minute on pan.
    6. REMOVE and cool on rack.  Baked cookies can be frozen for a couple of months.

Here’s how to slice them.  Notice they are a little crumbly.  Just press together with your fingers.

sliced cookies



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Monster Cookies from Paula Deen

Monster Cookies

My niece came to visit last summer and brought cookies along with a sweet baby.  We loved both the cookies and the baby!  Her baby boy is so cute.  I hated to see them leave, but will forever remember the visit as well as my first encounter with Monster Cookies.  These things are dang good!  During the summer I was on a mission to find the recipe and here it is.  Paula Deen’s recipe from one of her cookbooks Paula Deen and Friends.   It is ironic that my niece picked up the cookies from a bakery in Savannah which is the home of Deen.

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Oatmeal Cookies with White or Semi-sweet Chocolate and Pecans

Oatmeal cookies

Last week my students made oatmeal cookies and I will have to say they were fantastic!  If you have ever made cookies from scratch you know it is so easy to mess them up!  It makes it doubly hard to keep everything straight when there are five  to six students working on the same recipe.  As the instructor, I step back and watch.  I’m not the type to get in the kitchen with them.  Mistakes are great tools for learning!  Questions like these will be floating through the classroom as they are busy in their kitchens:

  • Did you measure the soda?
  • How much sugar do we add?
  • Do we use all purpose flour or self rising?
  • Hey, I don’t think you packed the brown sugar!
  • Do we cook these at 325?

Of course they all have a recipe in front of them and a planning sheet that should have  their specific jobs listed.  Plus two days before I have shown them how to make the cookies and use all of the equipment.  How did they do?  Out of 24 kitchens only 2 groups made some kind of mistake with their recipe which resulted in very flat cookies and another group  had pale clumps that did not spread at all.  For me, that is a very good baking day!

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Basic Spritz Cookies


This recipe is really a throwback to my college days when I was a flunky for the head of the Home Economic’s Department.  I probably  made a million of these Spritz Cookies and became quite a natural with a cookie press.   These little cookies are quick to make,  but I am hesitant about using the word easy.  The dough is quite easy to prepare as long as you can operate a mixer, but the kicker for some could be the use of a cookie press.   Following the directions  in the Use and Care Manual will be a great help .  I found  the diagrams  are very easy to follow.   Now it may take a couple of tries to get the feel of how long to press the trigger, but you can just throw the dough back in the press and start over.  If you don’t have a cookie press I encourage you to run out an get one especially if you have children.  They love this gadget!  You and your family can make some great  holiday memories!  Check out the little puppies we made at the insistence of one of my angels!

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Pistachio and cherry Mexican Wedding Cookies

They melt in your mouth!

This recipe has been sitting in my cook this next notebook for six years.  What a slacker I am!  Well, I finally have made these wonderful balls of pure delight and I can truthfully tell you that I waited six years too long.  They are just perfect for the holidays, but really you can eat them all year long just because they will make you very happy.  They’ll just melt in your mouth and you will have to have another and another.  Have lots of company when they come out of the oven is all I have to say.  You will love them because they are so good and there is really no way to mess these up unless you cook them too long.

Here's the holiday color red and green

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Oat’n Toffee Grahams

I cannot decide if this sinful concoction should be tagged as candy or as a cookie.  Whatever the tag it is one bar that you are going to want to prepare when the chocolate bug bites!  It’s easy.  The hardest part is lining the baking sheet with parchment paper which has a mind of its own sometimes.  So you start with graham crackers to line your baking sheet.  I think I have said this before that manufactures are reducing  the size of the product or the container.  Have you noticed that your favorite cookie or cracker is somewhat smaller now?  What about a gallon of ice cream?  It is no longer a gallon.  I noticed when shopping for evaporated milk that the number of ounces in the can has been reduced.   In some cases it could wreck a recipe, but not it this case.  Anyway these bars are so good that you just have to try them.  It makes a bunch and they are quite rich, but freeze them for up to three months.  Then you’ll have a little chocolate hanging around in case of an emergency!  You know what I mean.

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Lemon Crumble Squares

Without intending to I am cooking my way through my Macon Jr. League Gracious Goodness cookbook.  There is not a recipe that I have tried that has not exceeded almost perfection.  Here is yet another one that I first cooked in the sweltering heat of July.  You know one of those days when anything cool feels good going down.  There’s nothing better than tangy cool lemon pie and what makes this one even better is the oatmeal crust.   And to top it all,  there is no fork required.

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Double-Chocolate Brownie Bites

I have subscriptions to five food magazines.  I love to read them, but I get so distracted with all the great recipes that it sometimes drives me to a complete halt.  I mean I can’t make a decision about what to cook for the coming weeks.  I must have some kind of ADHD.  I do the same thing if I am shopping for clothes in a very large department store.  I can’t make a decision.  So I have resisted subscribing to more food magazines to decrease the confusion in my life.  A few months ago I received a copy of Martha Stewart’s Living magazine.  Knowing that I had not ordered it I checked the label and this is what I read, “Wanda The Food Blogger Lupo.”  It made me laugh.  My good friend Neil gave me a subscription to this beautiful magazine for me to enjoy.  Now everytime I receive it in the mail I smile!

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Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate that are over the Top

One of my favorite combinations is peanut butter and chocolate.  When I was pregnant (many years ago) and trying not to be a huge balloon.  I vividly remember going to CHMS’s musical and before finding a seat stopping by the snack bar and buying a Reese’s cup!  I relished every bite taking an hour or more to eat the three peanut butter cups.  Truthfully, that is the last time that I have purchased a triple cup of Reese’s.  But, I have eaten many of the miniature ones since that night. 

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No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


I had no intention of making these cookies.  For the last two months it has been torture around here trying to shed the ten pounds  I have gained since starting this food blog.  Five pounds have been lost, but Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies are not my friend! Continue reading


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