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Pistachio and cherry Mexican Wedding Cookies

They melt in your mouth!

This recipe has been sitting in my cook this next notebook for six years.  What a slacker I am!  Well, I finally have made these wonderful balls of pure delight and I can truthfully tell you that I waited six years too long.  They are just perfect for the holidays, but really you can eat them all year long just because they will make you very happy.  They’ll just melt in your mouth and you will have to have another and another.  Have lots of company when they come out of the oven is all I have to say.  You will love them because they are so good and there is really no way to mess these up unless you cook them too long.

Here's the holiday color red and green

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German Chocolate Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes to make during the holidays.  It brings with it lots of memories.     My dad loved it.  Now I ‘m not one of those sweet lovers, even though I do love to bake.  But, I have been known to cut myself a huge piece of this German Chocolate Cake and love every moment of indulgence. There is nothing like it.  The coconut pecan frosting and filling is heavenly by itself, but with the sweet German chocolate layers it is completely sinful!   Putting this recipe together takes a  little more time especially when the baker (being me)  seizes the chocolate and then has to make a run to the grocery, which is a fifteen minute trek one way. 

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Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Recipes that are made ahead of time are some of the best to have in your back pocket.  Just pull them out when you’re having company or heck  just used them to treat yourself.  I hate to be rushed and anything that can be done the day before makes life easier.  I have been using this recipe for years.  It is our traditional Christmas morning special.  Many breakfast casseroles call for as many as a dozen eggs and this one only uses four eggs.  That’s really reducing the amount of cholesterol which is a good thing.

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