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Waldrop’s General Store and Farm Market


Farmer’s markets are all the rage right now.  It seems that home grown and organically grown are important factors for shoppers today.  I know that it is for me.  For the last four summers I have done some of my vegetable shopping at Waldrop’s Farm.  Until this year it was just a small stand beside the road.  You would just drive up, choose what you wanted, and leave money in the jar.  Now it is quite different and I love it!  Just look at what Allen built.

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Pancake Lab

I cannot begin to tell you the excitement that was in the air in my classroom for the second lab of the semester!  I have not seen such interest in a long time.  Most students were in the classroom early washing hands, getting out equipment, and measuring ingredients.  All groups worked well together trying not to ask me as many questions as this lab.  There was a calmness in the air as if everyone knew exactly what they were doing.  The students were much more confident washing dishes, setting the table, and eating with their group.  All of them were working against the clock.  Class members had to be ready to serve in 45 minutes.    I have done this lab many times in a 55 minute class period so I knew from past experience that it could be done. Since the classes are 90 minutes long they sometimes will drag activities out needlessly.   All groups I am happy to report  were seated in less than forty minutes.  Continue reading


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Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite around our house. I usually stick with the same recipe. This is my absolute favorite recipe for pancakes and to me these beat those made from scratch every time.  Now that’s just my opinion.  But, what am I to do?   I can’t keep blogging about the same recipe every semester.  I have to reach beyond my comfort zone.  Here’s what I did this time around.   I demonstrated this Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancake recipe found  on the Betty Crocker site.  I liked it.  The brown sugar and oatmeal give this pancake a great flavor.  

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A note to self – Do not deviate from lesson plans that work well!!!  Not ever!  I got the bright idea from somewhere to let my classes make muffins from scratch the very first time they were in the lab.  It was a big mistake.  Don’t get me wrong.  Their muffins were very good, it was just so hectic.  They are not familiar with the people in their group.  They know where very little equipment is in the kitchen.  They are not familiar with the equipment.  So no matter how smart and energetic my students are the first lab has to be something very simple to do. It’s too much  for five group members times six kitchens.  And please don’t let one group have what they think is an emergency and my assistance is needed in their kitchen.  For example, an oven gets magically turned off or a glass is broken or the timer is hard to set!  

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Apple Muffins

The first lab of the semester is coming up and there’s a lot of excitement in the air.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that these students continue their enthusiasm the entire semester and that I can live up to their expectations.  Today they were hanging on to my every word.  Moving their chairs so they could see in the demonstration mirror at a better angle. Asking some very good questions.  They were  so engaged in learning.  That is what I want every single day! 

The recipe that we are using for our first lab is a variation of a basic muffin.  I love it because the muffins are not cake which means they are not loaded with sugar.  Most recipes that I have looked at lately have more than a cup of sugar for just a dozen muffins.  That will put them at right over 200 calories a piece.  Add chocolate chips or a sugar topping and it morphs into cake! 

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Shredded Beef Tacos with Guacamole

This time of the year I am always trying to keep my life organized and stress free.  That’s really funny.  No it is next to impossible.  Imagine trying to organize meals for two places at the same time and then doing all the grocery shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning.  It is enough to make the most organized person crazy.   Here is a great recipe for times when you want a great meal, but are short on time.   I love my slow cooker for certain foods and this is one of them.  And another thing this recipe takes really no cooking skills at all.   What could be better?

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Pecan Sticky Buns

School started last Thursday and look at this I am already in the cooking mode.  I could not wait.  Schedule changes have not even  been finalized and I  just had to show this group of very interested teens what was in store for them.  Anytime that I bake with cinnamon everyone appears at my door.  MMM it smells so good.  There is nothing like a little sensory blackmail to get them into my class and then there is no turning back!  Some of them are so funny.  They made comments like this, ”  This class is just like being in the audience of a Food Network Show. Do you feel like your on TV, Mrs. Lupo?”  I am telling you I had their undivided attention for the entire class period.

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Pan-Grilled Salmon with Red Pepper Salsa

The Sockeye Salmon have just about done it’s run.  It will be gone soon.  I hate that.  I love this fish.  The taste, the color, it is all good.  I am tempted to go to Publix tomorrow and buy up all that they have and freeze it.  I really might just do that!

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