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Tomato Tarts from Paula’s Cookbook

Tomato Tarts

There is nothing better in the summer than a good sliced tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper.  But, that window of opportunity to have those mouth-watering slices is so short.  During the winter I crave those tomatoes as I’m sure you also do.  There are a couple of recipes that I pull out of my back pocket to satisfy the tomato craving and this is one of them.  I have gone through my cookbook collection marking recipes with post it notes that I want to try.  If I cooked something new everyday for the rest of my life I am pretty sure that I would not get to all of the ones on my list, but thank goodness I tried this one.  When I read Paula’s headline that a catering friend of hers used this recipe all the time  in Savannah, Georgia I knew it had to be a winner.    I was right!  It is easy, good, pretty on a platter and it makes a winter tomato taste as good as the summer!

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Monster Cookies from Paula Deen

Monster Cookies

My niece came to visit last summer and brought cookies along with a sweet baby.  We loved both the cookies and the baby!  Her baby boy is so cute.  I hated to see them leave, but will forever remember the visit as well as my first encounter with Monster Cookies.  These things are dang good!  During the summer I was on a mission to find the recipe and here it is.  Paula Deen’s recipe from one of her cookbooks Paula Deen and Friends.   It is ironic that my niece picked up the cookies from a bakery in Savannah which is the home of Deen.

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Slice-and-Bake Cheese Straws

DSC_0545Last month I served these to my book club. Now they are here for you to pull out for your next get together.    They are so easy to make.  In fact you can prepare the dough ahead of time and freeze so it will be sitting there ready when you are ready.  A hundred years ago I  made these cheese straws using a  manual cookie gun and I found them quite difficult to push through.  Now Paula Deen has saved all of us some manual labor.   How much easier can you get than slice and bake?

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Pinto Beans in the Slow Cooker


I love recipes that require little effort, that you can pull the ingredients out of your pantry at a moment’s notice, and taste heavenly!   This is the recipe.  Easy, easy, easy and good, good, good!  I cannot tell you one time that I have had pinto beans other than a Mexican restaurant.  My mother always made black eyed peas, but no pintos or black beans.  Well, now I have broadened my horizons or rather my tastebuds.  I love this recipe and have made it several times now and each time there is not one spoonful left and there are just two of us eating these beans.  I made homemade cornbread, but also being the nutrition teacher that I am I sauteed spinach with a little olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes and topped it with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  Oh, my gosh!

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Taco Soup

It doesn’t have to be a cold, rainy or snowy day for me to love a hot bowl of soup.  I love soup on any day anytime!  With much skepticism I made this soup not really expecting the flavor that it produces.  Using packaged taco seasoning,  ranch dressing, and two kinds of olives you have to admit that it is a wild combination.  But, it works and it works quite well.


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Washing Dishes and Knives While Making Paula Deen’s Szechaun Chicken

Making this Paula Deen dish my students learned many skills. Some of these skills I thought were just a given.  You know like washing dishes and knife safety.  Either I did not do such a hot job when we discussed these topics or in the excitement of preparing and eating such a delicious meal they did not rank up there with what was important.  Anyway we all learned from our mistakes and I still have all of my fingers!

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