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Baby Back Ribs oven roasted

Baby Back Ribs

I cannot think of many meats that I like better than some tender messy ribs. You know the ones where the meat just falls off the bone. I’ll be the first to say that I have not had good luck with ribs until I watched this how-to video with Sarah Carey. I just love this girl. You can bet that I’m going use her expertise in my classroom this year. What a great resource for my students!! Anyway back to these ribs. They are fabulous!!! It’s really the cooking method that makes them so good. Add whatever rub and sauce that is your favorite. Personally I really liked the one here. I did think that the amount of salt was way too much so I reduced it. The Cajun seasoning first ingredient is salt. This is easy, easy! I mean anyone can do this!!! There is one step that cannot be eliminated and that is to remove the membrane. You will have the worst ribs ever if you fail to do this small step. Turn the ribs to the bony side. Take a knife and lift a small bit of the membrane. Holding the membrane with a piece of paper towel pull the membrane as if you were removing cellophane tape from the meat. You might get lucky and get it in one big piece, but that is not likely. With that one step and low heat you will have the most tender ribs ever!

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Caprese Salad on a Toothpick

Caprese SaladLove this recipe!!!  My neighbor Kim had these had a party and I must have eaten 12 without even thinking.  They are so good.  There is nothing better than finding a great recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to put together and is healthy.  I’ve served these at least six times this summer and everyone is so amazed.  You will be,too.  Just keep this idea in your back pocket for your next get together.  It is a hit for sure.  Hope your summer is going well.  My vacation time is coming to an end as of July 31!

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Strawberry Salad with Cinnamon Vinaigrette

Strawberry Salad

Here is a great summer salad that you will want to make with all the fabulous strawberries that we have now.  These flavors from strawberries, mandarin oranges, and avocados  just go together to make a fantastic combination that I would not ordinarily put together.  And the avocado in this salad  oh my! If you are looking hard to see the avocado you won’t.  I served this salad to my book club last month and in the hustle and bustle to make a photo without holding up serving the food I forgot to add the avocado.  But, don’t you leave it out thinking that it will be just as good without it.  It won’t be!  You’ll miss that buttery flavor.  Trust me.  I love this Cinnamon vinaigrette.  It is a lovely salad dressing and a snap to make.   I really cannot believe that today is July 1.  In 30 days school starts and I must get busy on my To Do list which is absolutely nothing!  Enjoy your summer.

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