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French Toast made under the Broiler

I have made French toast since I was 12 years old cooking breakfast for myself and my two younger sisters.  French Toast was on the menu most mornings.  You know it is easy if a 12-year-old can do it.   I never followed a recipe.  I just cracked 2 eggs, added milk, and mixed with a fork.  I heated my mother’s cast iron skillet to a medium high heat.  Then dropped a  couple of tablespoons of butter into the skillet.  As the butter heated I just dipped the bread into the egg mixture and threw it in the skillet.  Perfection with some syrup.  I could do this in less than ten minutes!

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Seven Layer Bean Dip

Everyone needs that one appetizer that can be made it a flash.  You know when you just don’t have the time to make anything really fancy.    This bean dip is just that.   Most of the ingredients probably can be found in your kitchen right now and if not just pick up the rest next time you’re  shopping.  You can put this together fifteen minutes before you walk out the door.  But, it can be made three or four hours in advance if needed.  I have carried to my tennis matches and get togethers for years and it is always a hit.  Even those with no cooking skills can impress your friends because it looks beautiful and taste great.  You know that everyone just loves a good dip!

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Cream Puffs filled with Whipped Cream

Cream Puffs or Choux Pastry can be intimitating to some when it comes to baking, but yet they are really simple.  It could take a couple of times baking them to get the hang of it, but on the positive side even the bad puffs are good! My high school students were amazed when I made these melt in your mouth puffs of cream. The topic of the day is leavening agents and this particular one is steam.  The amount of steam could be a problem , but I will cover that later in some hints to follow when making the perfect Choux Pastry.

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Balsamic Vinaigrette


Salad is my life.  For lunch most everyday of my adult life I have eaten a salad along with some protein whether it might be grilled chicken or a hard-cooked egg. I just love them!   Salads are the perfect way to include all the servings of vegetables and fruit that are needed daily. Don’t get me wrong that’s not the only reason I love them.  There’s just so many ways to make salad.  You can never get tired of them.   The downside to salads for some people is the addition of too much dressing turning a very healthy choice into a heart attack.  I made this Balsamic Vinaigrette for my students.  They loved it!

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Strawberry Stacks

Here is just the dessert that you have been looking for.  It is light, easy to make , and delicious.  Any novice cook can put strawberry stacks together with no problem.  With all the juicy strawberries that are starting to roll in there’s no better way to use them. Use your creativity.  Go wild with the way that you cut out the dough, then be adventurous when you plate them.  


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Chicken Fingers

I don’t know  many people who don’t love chicken fingers especially children.  In my case it is teenagers and GI Joe and  I’m telling you that my students loved these.   I found the recipe in the magazine Dash that sometimes comes in the Sunday paper. It has everything that cooks love. They are easy and delicious.  I almost forgot these chicken fingers are baked.  Continue reading


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