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Lime Squares with Pistachio Graham-Cracker Crust

Lime Bars

It’s spring break for me!   The weather here now is just about perfect, but let’s wait a couple of days and I’m sure that it will change.  You know we are at 32 degrees one day and the next is 75!  Anyway it is so nice to be off for a few days.

Our ALTA tennis season is going strong and this is what I made for the match.  By the way,  my partner Maria and I won!  It was just a gorgeous day to be outside and I will have to say that I enjoyed every minute of the win.  These Lime Squares are a winner,too!  Martha Stewart just amazes me.  I receive her newsletters in my email everyday.  If you have not seen them go here and look at all the gorgeous stuff that she and her staff put together.  I am sure that you will find something to inspire you today.

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Martha’s Basic Vanilla Cookie Dough 30 ways

This is a quick way to make your house smell like the holidays in the blink of an eye. Well, almost. You do have to do a little work up front, but then you can float the rest of the way. I saved this recipe last December from Martha Stewart Living. It is one versatile cookie dough. The dough can be flavored vanilla, spice, chocolate, and citrus. The dough can then morph into thumbprint, spritz, slice and bake, or rolled cookies. To add even more variations there’s a ton of mix- ins. In other words one cookie done at least 30 ways!

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Double-Chocolate Brownie Bites

I have subscriptions to five food magazines.  I love to read them, but I get so distracted with all the great recipes that it sometimes drives me to a complete halt.  I mean I can’t make a decision about what to cook for the coming weeks.  I must have some kind of ADHD.  I do the same thing if I am shopping for clothes in a very large department store.  I can’t make a decision.  So I have resisted subscribing to more food magazines to decrease the confusion in my life.  A few months ago I received a copy of Martha Stewart’s Living magazine.  Knowing that I had not ordered it I checked the label and this is what I read, “Wanda The Food Blogger Lupo.”  It made me laugh.  My good friend Neil gave me a subscription to this beautiful magazine for me to enjoy.  Now everytime I receive it in the mail I smile!

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