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Pralines and Cream Ice Cream

I’m in love with my Kitchenaid ice cream attachment!  It is so easy to make the best homemade ice cream and just the right amount.  GI Joe’s all time favorite ice cream is pralines and cream.  This is so decadent and so good.  I made homemade New Orleans style pralines to crumble in the rich ice cream and swirled homemade caramel sauce to add even more richness.  You can’t help but love this stuff, but make sure that you have some company with you when you pull it out of  the freezer or you’ll be tempted to eat it with a spoon right out of the carton.  There will be no stopping you.  Then like me you’ll be spending some extra time at the gym.

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Butter Pecan Ice Cream

I chose this ice cream to make for my reading club.  It was a big hit!   There is just something about Butter Pecan Ice Cream that make it great.    I think it is the rich flavor of the toasted pecans that are then mixed with butter and salt.  Or it could be the brown sugar and heavy cream.   I had to make it twice because a lot of it got eaten before my meeting.  I’m not saying who ate it, but it was eaten quickly!  Writing  that it is very good would be an understatement.  It is so rich and creamy and the toasted pecans,  good gracious who doesn’t love them?    It does have a few steps, but it is well worth it.  I will say it is easier than my other favorite chocolate that I absolutely love.  One bit of advice though,  make sure that you have some good quality pecans.  They are not in season until November so anything that you buy now is last year’s crop.   The ones  you buy from the grocery store are probably not going to be the best quality.    Buy from a reputable dealer that stores their pecans frozen.  They will last indefinitely. Clean them from any of the debris between the meaty part of the nut.  It is bitter and even a small bit can ruin a good recipe.

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Honey-Peach Ice Cream

Last month my friend Syble and I took a day trip to South Georgia on a quest for fresh fruits and vegetables to till our freezers or in Syble’s case her canner.  I don’t do much canning.  Pickles are about my extent of canning, but she puts up beans, peas, and tomatoes.    We found just what we were looking for Silver Queen corn, cream peas, pink-eyes, butter beans, tomatoes, watermelon, Athena cantaloupes, and peaches.  I love peaches and last year for some reason I did not buy any and I regretted it all year.  So this year I picked up a box.

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Double-Chocolate Brownie Bites

I have subscriptions to five food magazines.  I love to read them, but I get so distracted with all the great recipes that it sometimes drives me to a complete halt.  I mean I can’t make a decision about what to cook for the coming weeks.  I must have some kind of ADHD.  I do the same thing if I am shopping for clothes in a very large department store.  I can’t make a decision.  So I have resisted subscribing to more food magazines to decrease the confusion in my life.  A few months ago I received a copy of Martha Stewart’s Living magazine.  Knowing that I had not ordered it I checked the label and this is what I read, “Wanda The Food Blogger Lupo.”  It made me laugh.  My good friend Neil gave me a subscription to this beautiful magazine for me to enjoy.  Now everytime I receive it in the mail I smile!

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Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a big scoop of ice cream and what makes it even better is when you can make it right at home.  This ice cream is so rich, creamy, and oh so chocolatey.  The chocolate is intense, but not bitter.  The texture is as smooth as satin. Trust me it is so good you will never buy chocolate ice cream again.    Just think the best ice cream you have ever had!

This is the recipe from KitchenAid’s ice cream attachment.  If you are interested this is my second attachment.  Some how the one that came as a gift with my mixer sprouted legs and walked away four years ago.  After searching for years I just bought myself another one for Mother’s Day and could not wait to try out a new ice cream recipe.

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