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Pecan Turtle Bars

I tasted these little bars of goodness at a tennis match.  If you don’t know anything about ALTA tennis you might not know that the food served is sometimes more important than the score of the match.  I don’t remember if I won or lost the day I was introduced by my friend Betty to Pecan Turtle Bars, but their gooey texture, buttery shortbread layer, and chocolate top won me over for sure.  That next week my blogger friend Grace who wows me with her cooking as well as cracks me up with her humor had these bars posted.  It was fate!  I was destined to make them.

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Chicken Salad for a Hot Summer Day

I love summer for the obvious reason.  I don’t have to work.  I can for the most part do whatever I want to whenever I want to.  Who would not love this? It’s a great perk for the teaching profession!    Teachers are so busy during the year it is not so easy to do many big projects around the  house.  So every teacher that I know has a to do list just for the summer.   And I am one of them.    This summer my list is short.   I have two that I would like to have accomplished before school starts August 1.  We have lived in our new home for six years and I cannot believe how much I have accumulated in that time.  My pantry and my closet need a complete over haul.  Those two projects are at the top of my list.  Okay, let’s see what’s cooking in my house on the lazy hazy days of summer!

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Fudge Cupcakes and The Key to Happiness!

You may have noticed that my blog has been left unattended for a short while.  Life for me now is a little ruffled around the edges.  In fact I am having to just step back a bit and regroup myself.  It is not anything earth shattering for that matter, but when it’s happening to you it seems that you are in it all alone.  I am struggling though with several things that mean a lot to me.   Along with those few things that are very personal the end of the school year has been busier than usual.  My dearest friend, my go to person when everything is falling apart around me retired from teaching.  I hosted along with seven other friends a celebration for her many years of dedication and love of teaching.  I am going to miss her.  She and I have taught together at the same schools for thirty years.  I cannot imagine my school day without her there.  Of course there are others that will no longer be there to share my day, too.  It’s sad for me.

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Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a big scoop of ice cream and what makes it even better is when you can make it right at home.  This ice cream is so rich, creamy, and oh so chocolatey.  The chocolate is intense, but not bitter.  The texture is as smooth as satin. Trust me it is so good you will never buy chocolate ice cream again.    Just think the best ice cream you have ever had!

This is the recipe from KitchenAid’s ice cream attachment.  If you are interested this is my second attachment.  Some how the one that came as a gift with my mixer sprouted legs and walked away four years ago.  After searching for years I just bought myself another one for Mother’s Day and could not wait to try out a new ice cream recipe.

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