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Taco Soup

It doesn’t have to be a cold, rainy or snowy day for me to love a hot bowl of soup.  I love soup on any day anytime!  With much skepticism I made this soup not really expecting the flavor that it produces.  Using packaged taco seasoning,  ranch dressing, and two kinds of olives you have to admit that it is a wild combination.  But, it works and it works quite well.


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Chai for Christmas Anyone?

I just love this new-found recipe for an easy to make Chai tea.   What is not to love about cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves?  It’s just right for the holidays.     If you indulge at a coffee shop you will find their Chai Tea is good, but it is expensive and tops out at about 400 calories.  Here is one that you can make at home in a snap with about 17 calories per teaspoon.    So you’re not much a tea drinker no problem.  Try this in your morning cup of joe.  It is divine.

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Chocolate Toffee Bark

Here is another one of those recipes that I must have been buried under a rock for part of my lifetime.  It has been out there forever, but I’ve never had it.  Last weekend we got together for one of our family luncheons and Ken my sister-in-law brings in lots of goodies.  This being one of them and I just had to nibble before lunch and oh my!!!  This stuff is fabulous!  Then I was blown away when she told me the base was saltine crackers.  Unbelievable!  I knew right then and there that I would have to make it and I am not a candy lover, but this is really good.

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Martha’s Basic Vanilla Cookie Dough 30 ways

This is a quick way to make your house smell like the holidays in the blink of an eye. Well, almost. You do have to do a little work up front, but then you can float the rest of the way. I saved this recipe last December from Martha Stewart Living. It is one versatile cookie dough. The dough can be flavored vanilla, spice, chocolate, and citrus. The dough can then morph into thumbprint, spritz, slice and bake, or rolled cookies. To add even more variations there’s a ton of mix- ins. In other words one cookie done at least 30 ways!

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After suffering for three days with laryngitis, I was ready to demonstrate in silence how to prepare pancakes.  But, a scratchy voice appeared on Friday morning and I was able to end my quick bread unit with some light and airy pancakes that will melt in your mouth .   This recipe makes a very thick batter, but surprisingly not a heavy pancake.  It is light as a feather and will absorb whatever topping you decide to choose. I used a recipe that I have seen floating around on many  blogs.  They are heralded as the world’s best buttermilk pancakes.  You can be the judge of that.  We thought they were fabulous!

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