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Lemon Crumble Squares

Without intending to I am cooking my way through my Macon Jr. League Gracious Goodness cookbook.  There is not a recipe that I have tried that has not exceeded almost perfection.  Here is yet another one that I first cooked in the sweltering heat of July.  You know one of those days when anything cool feels good going down.  There’s nothing better than tangy cool lemon pie and what makes this one even better is the oatmeal crust.   And to top it all,  there is no fork required.

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Brown Sugar Poundcake

This is my new go to cake when I’m asked to bring dessert.  It’s delicious!  I’ll have to admit it has been driving me crazy for about a month.  Wanting to get it just right before posting has been a little difficult.  Just the icing though.  The cake well, it was a cake walk!  I’ve made it three times now I think it’s  time to show it to the world.  Even before tasting it I knew that the icing would be the winner in so many ways.  Praline or caramel lovers will fall in love with this cake.  It’s got that old-fashioned icing that my grandmother put with a plain yellow cake.  You know the kind that just melts in your mouth with that rich buttery taste.

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