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Blueberry Bran Muffins

For the past three weeks I have received these beautiful frozen blueberries in my CSA box.  They have been sitting in my freezer calling out to be included in some recipe.  Now these are not blueberries that you will find in the frozen section of the grocery now or fresh ones that you might find shipped to us from across the sea.  These are gargantuan blueberries from this past summer right here in my area of Georgia.  We are talking beautiful blueberries, so these muffins were just perfect for them.  They will be great to take to work or eat on the way to the  gym before working out.  And they are fabulous because  I just have eaten one.  WOW!  Continue reading



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Beef Stew Using the Pressure Cooker

I have found that people either love a pressure cooker or they are scared to death of one.  I love mine, but don’t use it as often as I should.   Now I am still using the first generation pressure cooker.  I have this one made by Mirro.  I have had it since the beginning of time and have never even had to replace the gasket.  I have been investigating getting a newer one, but do I really want to spend $80 on a new one when there is nothing wrong with the old one?  There is even a Third Generation pressure cooker out there now.  It is electric and has lots of bells and whistles on it, but it is cumbersome.  I really  prize my cabinet space.  I don’t want to clutter it up with an object that is way too expensive, takes up too much space, maybe won’t even get used that much, and since it’s operation system is a computer chip it could go out at any time.  And you know what that means,  throw out the appliance because it will cost more to repair than it would to by a new one.  So I’m sticking with my First Generation pressure cooker.

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Milk Chocolate Pudding

Wow!!!  This milk chocolate pudding is good in so many ways.  15 minutes flat from measuring to refrigerating and you are done!  The short time factor did nothing to compromise the wonderfully rich homemade pudding taste.  It is absolutely out of this world.  And for your sake don’t wait a year and a half as I did before you put this magic potion together.

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Oven Fried Chicken

Why don’t we bring the pulley bone back?  I  had such fun with this little piece of fried chicken when I was growing up.  Many of my dreams went in and out of the window with the pull of this bone at the dinner table.  Today my students have never heard of the pulley bone.  It’s too bad they’re missing out on making wishes come true and some  quality family time at the dinner table.

My mother could make really good fried chicken.  I loved her fried chicken!    It was perfectly seasoned, had a crispy crust ,and it was tender and juicy inside.  I don’t fry chicken and not many people I know do either.    It makes a huge mess and I don’t want to deal with the grease, so this is my  way of having my chicken fried.  I use the oven.  You have some prep on the backside, but  it will really pay off when you taste this wonderfully tender and juicy chicken.

If you are looking for a really crispy crust this is not the recipe for you, but it is more of a Maryland fried chicken with a great flavor.  And if you are lucky enough to have leftovers, they are easily reheated by placing in foil.  Don’t completely cover the chicken.  Warm in a 325 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes depending of the thickness of the breasts.

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This recipe is a blast from the past!  It is the Duncan Hines Sock It to Me Cake.  What a name for a cake!  If you are into music or not you probably  know  this line from Aretha Franklin’s song RESPECT.  It was released in 1967.  Then in the 70’s Laugh In used it as a catch phrase in their show.   No matter how the cake got its name it’s really good.  I’m not a big fan of  cake mixes, but this one is worth the time.  It is super easy and really good.

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