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Lime Squares with Pistachio Graham-Cracker Crust

Lime Bars

It’s spring break for me!   The weather here now is just about perfect, but let’s wait a couple of days and I’m sure that it will change.  You know we are at 32 degrees one day and the next is 75!  Anyway it is so nice to be off for a few days.

Our ALTA tennis season is going strong and this is what I made for the match.  By the way,  my partner Maria and I won!  It was just a gorgeous day to be outside and I will have to say that I enjoyed every minute of the win.  These Lime Squares are a winner,too!  Martha Stewart just amazes me.  I receive her newsletters in my email everyday.  If you have not seen them go here and look at all the gorgeous stuff that she and her staff put together.  I am sure that you will find something to inspire you today.

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Chai for Christmas Anyone?

I just love this new-found recipe for an easy to make Chai tea.   What is not to love about cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves?  It’s just right for the holidays.     If you indulge at a coffee shop you will find their Chai Tea is good, but it is expensive and tops out at about 400 calories.  Here is one that you can make at home in a snap with about 17 calories per teaspoon.    So you’re not much a tea drinker no problem.  Try this in your morning cup of joe.  It is divine.

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Lemon Crumble Squares

Without intending to I am cooking my way through my Macon Jr. League Gracious Goodness cookbook.  There is not a recipe that I have tried that has not exceeded almost perfection.  Here is yet another one that I first cooked in the sweltering heat of July.  You know one of those days when anything cool feels good going down.  There’s nothing better than tangy cool lemon pie and what makes this one even better is the oatmeal crust.   And to top it all,  there is no fork required.

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