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Macaroni and Cheese from Martha

Perfect Mac & Cheese

Let me just say that if you only make one mac and cheese in your lifetime this should be the one.  My gosh!  I just had to make it after reading all the comments after this was written.  What about Food 52?  They shouted from the rooftop about it, too.  So I’m right up there with the rest of them and I have to say that it is the best macaroni and cheese that I have had.  Martha knows her mac and cheese that’s for sure.  It has just the right amount of bechamel  sauce to go with the pasta and I love the White Cheddar and Gruyère Cheese.  I will have to admit skepticism about the nutmeg, but it went in the sauce .  Perfection!  So it’s your turn to let Martha’s Perfect Macaroni and Cheese be the hit at your house.  It was at mine.

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Smoked Gouda Macaroni and Cheese

I love macaroni and cheese prepared just about anyway except the stuff that comes in a box. I’m talking the real deal with a homemade sauce. I found one that is different, but it a good way. It’s packed with lots of nutrients and lower in calories than your regular Mac and Cheese. I love the flavor that the smoked Gouda cheese gives this dish. It’s almost like you put lots and lots of smoked bacon with none of the calories. Yes, Bacon! The spinach is a great addition and is so good with the rich and creamy cheese sauce. You should try this especially with all the fresh spinach that is available now.

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Cook off for the Perfect Macaroni and Cheese


The perfect macaroni and cheese dish starts with a white sauce made with melted butter, then flour, salt and other seasonings such as mustard are whisked together with mik.  It is then cooked until thick.  Cheeses of all types can be added, but the king of cheeses to use is Cheddar.  Don’t go to far with the cheddar for the extra sharp variety can cause the macaroni to have a mealy texture.  We found this out in our lab last week.  I picked up two packages of extra sharp cheese and  three of the groups’ macaroni was a little mealy.  So it was no fault of theirs.

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Macaroni and Cheese and Voting

I haven’t found too many people who did not love macaroni and cheese! It is super easy to pull together, but the key is to make a smooth and creamy white sauce.  When discussing this in class today  one of my students said, ” No worries Mrs. Lupo, just pull out a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  It is smooth and creamy every time.”    

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