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Coffee Cake

I ask myself, do I really have a part-time job? When I get off at 12 it seems to me that I have worked all day.   I’ve taught 4 classes and have seen 125 students. It is  nonstop for me and time just flies by.    My hours are 8-12, but at 12 it is just like I have another job!  I am busy to the point that I wonder what happens to my free afternoon.  With more time I find myself with less time to just relax!  It seems that I don’t have time to enjoy my front porch with a good book or eat lunch on my deck.  I haven’t plugged in my sewing machine in 2 years!  In the three years that I have had this blog many hours have been spent writing, planning, shopping , cooking, eating, and learning to use a camera.  Thank goodness that I do have a busy life.  What would happen to me without all this stuff to do????  Now for the recipe for this wonderful Coffee Cake that my sister-in-law gave me years ago that has saved my life for many showers, brunches, and for something sweet at 10:00 o’clock at night!

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This recipe is a blast from the past!  It is the Duncan Hines Sock It to Me Cake.  What a name for a cake!  If you are into music or not you probably  know  this line from Aretha Franklin’s song RESPECT.  It was released in 1967.  Then in the 70’s Laugh In used it as a catch phrase in their show.   No matter how the cake got its name it’s really good.  I’m not a big fan of  cake mixes, but this one is worth the time.  It is super easy and really good.

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How to Make a Heart Cake for Your Valentine

Teenagers love Valentine’s Day!  It’s not just about boyfriends and girlfriends.  They want to share the day with their friends and families and sometimes their teachers.  School was really buzzing today with candy, flowers, cards, stuffed animals, cake, cookies,  and balloons.  There was some buzz around my room, too.  Word got out that I was decorating Valentine Cakes for my classes and  you would have thought I was giving away one hundred-dollar bills.   It was only cake and not even one made from scratch!

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