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Hearty Italian Soup

Hearty Italian SoupA couple of months ago Southern Living posted 10 or 12 soup recipes that we all should have in our freezer when we don’t have time to cook or  we just don’t feel like it.   Then like magic we can just pull it out and presto dinner is served.  I have started cooking them now that the temperature is cooler.  Ha!  It was 80 on Christmas , but  I am a soup lover no matter what season of the year and no matter what the temperature is outside. I have made this particular soup 4 times and it has not made it to my freezer yet!   We love it!  It is full of flavor and packed with some really good stuff.  I guess I’m going to be forced to go out and buy a larger pan so that I can double the recipe.  I think that will be the only way to have some of this good stuff land in my freezer.

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Italian Sausage Tomato Cups

Italian Sausage Tomato Cups

These are perfect for Sunday’s Superbowl Game!  They’re so cute and so good. Think spicy pizza bites, but better.  Carter said, “This is in the top three Mrs. Lupo!”  Now that’s good!  Two years ago I was introduced to this variation and they were a hit.  I wanted to try them again but with a little change-up.  It worked well.  If you are trying to make out a Superbowl menu make sure you serve these little cups.  They are super easy and will be a party pleaser for sure.

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Bolognese Lasagna with Porcini-Ricotta Filling

I have dreamed of making a great lasagna.  You know the real Italian kind that’s labor intensive and that has your heart in it from start to finish.  And yes, this is that recipe!  This is not a recipe that you can make at the spur of the moment.  It will take a little over an hour to put it together and about an hour to bake it, but it is so worth it!

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Cajun Gumbo Soup

This is an easy Gumbo.  You can put it together in less than 30 minutes and let it simmer for 3o minutes. It is better the next day.  The flavors have time to develop and the zucchini can thicken the gumbo.  That’s right!  The squash is a substitute for okra which is usually used in most gumbos.  It is hard to find fresh okra in the winter so the zucchini is perfect.  For me this soup ranks right up there with this and also with this.  It  has been a favorite for years while  the other two are new kids on the block.  

Pair this with cooked rice and crunchy buttered toast and you will satisfy any hunger.  

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Soup – Broccoli Raab soup that is!


Participating in a CSA for the last three years has been a great experience for me.  I have always made visits to the local farmer’s market during the summer to enjoy the wonderful heirloom tomatoes  or some fresh butter peas.  I have also frozen my share of fresh corn and white acre peas to savor in the winter.  But traveling to the farmer’s market now entails an hour or more depending on traffic just to get there.  Continue reading


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Ziti with Sausage and Broccoli

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Lasagna – For a Lazy Day

You are going to love this recipe!!

I love this recipe for the ease of it.   You can make it the night before .  Come home from work put it in the oven, make a salad and bread .  Set your table and you are ready to entertain guests with no hassle.  This is the way to go.

I found the recipe in a Pillsbury cookbook years ago and have since noticed that it now appears on the box of Mueller’s Lasagna.  The one on the box uses more sauce and more eggs.  I have made both and they are delicious!!

You are not going to believe that it is made with your favorite brand of premade sauce.  That is the beauty of this recipe.  Using Italian sausage gives it the flavor it needs.  I use Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage.  I love the flavor. I cannot find it without  the casing.  I use kitchen shears to remove them before browning.

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