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Hearty Italian Soup

Hearty Italian SoupA couple of months ago Southern Living posted 10 or 12 soup recipes that we all should have in our freezer when we don’t have time to cook or  we just don’t feel like it.   Then like magic we can just pull it out and presto dinner is served.  I have started cooking them now that the temperature is cooler.  Ha!  It was 80 on Christmas , but  I am a soup lover no matter what season of the year and no matter what the temperature is outside. I have made this particular soup 4 times and it has not made it to my freezer yet!   We love it!  It is full of flavor and packed with some really good stuff.  I guess I’m going to be forced to go out and buy a larger pan so that I can double the recipe.  I think that will be the only way to have some of this good stuff land in my freezer.

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