Strawberry Stacks

Here is just the dessert that you have been looking for.  It is light, easy to make , and delicious.  Any novice cook can put strawberry stacks together with no problem.  With all the juicy strawberries that are starting to roll in there’s no better way to use them. Use your creativity.  Go wild with the way that you cut out the dough, then be adventurous when you plate them.  
The possibilities for these stacks are endless.  Try mixing  different fruits for example  strawberries and blueberries would be a good combination.  Or when peaches are in season mix them with blueberries.  Choose fresh fruit that’s readily available.   Just  make sure to include the freshly whipped cream.  Nothing else is quite the same.
Here are some tips for whipping cream:
  • Place the bowl and beaters in the freezer before using
  • Whip cream on high until it is light and fluffy
  • For every cup of unwhipped heavy cream use two tablespoons of powdered sugar to sweeten the cream.  Add sugar after it is a little fluffy. 
  • Whipped cream can be made in advance.  Right before serving use a wire whisk to put some of the volume back.
  • Be careful not to overwhip  the cream. If this does happen, add a little more cream and whisk in by hand.

Keep these little Strawberry Stacks in the back of your mind for a quick  dessert that’s easy, lovely, and delicious! 

Slice strawberries and mix with sugar



Crust can be cut into rounds

Individual rounds with strawberries and cream


Crust can be cut into 8 wedges


Strawberry Stacks yield 4
  • 1 refrigerated pie crust (half of a 15-ounce box)
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 pound fresh strawberries
  • whipped cream sweetened
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Let pie crust sit out at room temperature for about 15 minutes.
  3. Whisk egg well.
  4. Brush crust with the egg and sprinkle it with 1 teaspoon of the sugar.
  5. Cut the pie crust into 8 wedges.
  6. Separate the wedges on the pan so they won’t stick together when baking.
  7. Bake uncovered, until lightly browned, about 12 to 14 minutes.
  8. Cap the strawberries.  I use a utensil made by Pampered Chef.  You can use a paring knife to remove the stem and leaves.  Don’t cut the top off.  They just look ugly that way.  Slice them lengthwise.
  9. Sprinkle with remaining sugar and stir.  Set aside until ready to serve up to 1 hour.  Stir well before serving.
  10. Remove the baked crust from the oven and cool for 5 minutes or until ready to serve, up to 1 hour.
  11. To serve place one crust wedge on each plate and spoon about 1/3 cup of strawberries and juice on top.
  12. Cover with whipped cream.
  13. Top each with a second crust wedge.
  14. Spoon the remaining strawberries and their juice over each serving, dividing evenly.
  15. Top with whipped cream.
  16. Enjoy!


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52 responses to “Strawberry Stacks

  1. Oh my what a great idea. I make an easy, flaky homemade pie crust and this is such a wonderful way to create a delicious dessert. Have you ever sprinkled the strawberies with balsamic vinegar? Add a tablespoon with the sugar. It makes the strawberries taste amazing.

  2. This looks fabulous. Strawberry season is just about my favorite time of year. This will be my first strawberry dessert!

  3. Sounds wonderful and so simple, which I like…EASY.

  4. fabulous! Got me thinking….:)

  5. Cierra Portis

    I learned you should not overwhip cream.

  6. Alex

    These were delicious! I loved the pie crust and strawberries, it was a really good combination (:

  7. the strawberry stacks are healthy and a good tasting snack

  8. Rebecca McConnell

    This is a very fast, delicious dessert. I love how it has fruit so it seems somewhat healthier then other desserts!

  9. Kaylon Hendrix

    This was the best dessert I’ve ever had in my life. Honestly, I didn’t know how easy it was to make your own whip cream, I also didn’t know that if you put strawberries in a bowl with sugar and stir them, their natual juices come out. Also, spreading egg on the bread and adding a little bit of sugar gives it a nice shine! Yummy!

  10. natasha

    I loved this because it was soo simple to make but better yet , it was really good!

  11. jessica n

    i learned a simple dessert. Great for having friends or family over.

  12. Gifty

    I liked these a lot because im not the baking type but these are easy to make and they taste great and you dont feel the guilt after eating them! Also the fresh homemade whipped cream tasted much better compared to the store brands with preservatives and chemicals 😀

  13. charity

    I love strawberries and I love bread!!! I love whip cream even more! This was an interesting but tasty treat! Putting the bowls in the freezer makes the whipping cream cold and fluffy!

  14. Viviana Dishmey

    i learned how to make a simple and healthy dessert also learned that to make whip cream put bowl in the frezzer before use.

  15. katie

    I learned that if you add sugar to strawberries that it brings out its flavor even more .

  16. gabby c. 1st per; 2nd sem.

    I didn’t know you could make whip cream like this and ill try making it at home but the food looks great!

  17. this was delicious!! it is simple to make!! making your own whip cream is so much healthier for you!

  18. Amber W

    These were delicious! I learned leaving the strawberries in sugar will make the natural juices come out. These were simple and easy!

  19. jessica v

    Most delicious dessert I have ever had! I learned how to make a 10 min dessert, that taste like if it took hours to make and do.

  20. Summer Bailey

    i learned that for every cup of unwhipped heavy cream you have to use two tablespoons of powdered sugar to sweeten the cream! (:

  21. Edwin Warner

    I learned how to make a quick dessert that the whole family would enjoy.

  22. kassie

    well for starters i learned how to make a healthy dessert which i never knew there was such a thing and i leraned that leaving the strawberries in sugar the will bring out the natural juice 🙂

  23. candiace

    I learned that if you add sugar to cut up strawberries and stir them that the juice will develop into syrup

  24. Kaitlyn C *

    i learned that the pie crust has to be a room temp. before you use it

  25. miracle

    The strawberry stacks were great they were quick and easy, I learned that its a great dessert to make for something quick

  26. chelsea

    I learned that you can cook something so small and it be so tasty. This was delicious. & I Also learned how to make a quick desert without taking much time.

  27. Jasmine Jones

    I learned that you can make crackers out of pie crust . . yummy (:

  28. Sarah Michalke

    I learned how to make your own whip cream! very cool

  29. melissa cuevas

    i learned that this is a tasteful, healthy quick dessert! but be sure not to over stir the whip cream!

  30. galia sayyar

    I learned not to overwhip the whipped cream! It tastes so much better when it’s home made and it tasted great with this light, flaky, pie crust!

  31. Lindsey Harley, 2nd block

    This was quick and easy to make but it was so good. I also learned that making your own whip cream tastes way better than buying some.

  32. Brittany H 2 block

    I didn’t know that pie crust could be used in different types of stuff.

  33. Brooke H

    This desert was so quick, it looks delicious. I’m also glad this blog made it on pillsberry dough’s facebook!

  34. alyssa

    This looks very good, I already new how to make pancakes, but it looks like a very healthy, but tasty breakfast.

  35. Jordan Griffin

    I learned that it’s a great dessert to make for something quick.

  36. julie ochoa

    this is a great recipe to eat and it is great to make for friends and family.

  37. chelsea pirkle

    I love this desert I am a huge fan of strawberries!

  38. breana

    i loved this it is a easy sweet treat and i cant wait to try it on my own

  39. lauren bowman

    i learned this is an easy way to make a good dessert.

  40. Harold Colquitt

    We didn’t get to make this one but it looks good.

  41. Matthew

    i learned that you only have to bake the crust for 5 minutes or until its done

  42. Marty-2nd period

    Once again you have the whipped cream. Also the strawberry and cracker added that snack fill to the strawberry stacks. Love

  43. jasmin melara

    this dessert is not hard at all and its not even unhealthy! its a great recipe

  44. Brooke H

    This lab was delicious i learned to to slice strawberries in thin layers. When i cook this i probably won’t add the whipped cream though.

  45. carmen

    i learned that its really quick and easy to make for any occassion!

  46. ashton k

    these were a little crispier than i expected! i wonder what else you could use to make it softer…

  47. Marissa 1st period

    I thought the strawberry stacks tasted really good, especially with the homemede whipped cream! Also i learned that before placing the crust in the oven, if you brush raw eggs along with sugar on top they will come out with a nice shine when they are done baking.

  48. alyssa

    This sounds like a good breakfast for mothersday or a birthday, and very simple to make.

  49. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I learned that this is an easy and quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  50. Hayley Godwin

    I learned that crusts can be cut into rounds, but they can also be cut into triangles or rectangles. I like that you can be creative and make the appearance your own.

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