Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite around our house. I usually stick with the same recipe. This is my absolute favorite recipe for pancakes and to me these beat those made from scratch every time.  Now that’s just my opinion.  But, what am I to do?   I can’t keep blogging about the same recipe every semester.  I have to reach beyond my comfort zone.  Here’s what I did this time around.   I demonstrated this Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancake recipe found  on the Betty Crocker site.  I liked it.  The brown sugar and oatmeal give this pancake a great flavor.  

The demo was a hit.  One of the comments was, “Look at Mrs. Lupo, she can flip those pancakes so elegantly!” I just love what comes out of their mouths. At least most of the time!   This group I have this semester is going to keep me on my toes.   As they planned their lab the wheels were turning.  ” Can we do this?”  “Will it be Ok if we bring this?”  ” Can we invite Coach B?”    I cannot wait to see what they have all cooked up!   

Check back this weekend for the results of their cook-off.  Now here is the recipe.  If you need pictures to guide you along check these out.

Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancakes    from Betty Crocker 

  • 2 cups of original Bisquick
  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned or quick-cooking oats
  • 2 Tablespoons of packed brown sugar
  • 1 1/4 cups of whole milk  ( I used 1 cup of skim milk )  Just a note here.  I made these twice.  The first time I used 11/4 cups of skim milk and I thought the batter was too thin.  When I reduced it to 1 cup of skim milk the batter was a better consistency.
  • 2 eggs

Lightly grease griddle or skillet with vegetable oil.  Heat griddle or electric skillet to medium heat.  I used 325 – 350 degrees.  Whisk dry ingredients together.  Whisk liquid ingredients together.  Pour liquid ingredients into dry ingredients and stir just until moistened.  Pour a scant 1/4 cup  on to the griddle.  I usually cook six pancakes at the time.  When the bubbles start to burst turn them.  Cook until golden brown.  Enjoy with your favorite toppings.

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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72 responses to “Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancakes

  1. Jessica Headen

    I didn’t know that there were so many spatulas to use. I didn’t really think the edge mattered when it came to flipping the pancakes either.

  2. Mariama Jallow

    althought our class decided to use the other recipe i liked this one alot more. The oatmeal gives these pancakes a healthy twist and they tasted better if you ask me!

  3. Brittany M 1st

    Found out that if you put a tiny bit less of milk they wont be so thin.

  4. Kayla Daniels

    I learned how to pour pancake batter on the griddle.

  5. Lucinda H.

    I realized that you can never cook too much pancake mix at once. The pancakes are more likely to be undercooked.

  6. Jessica Turner

    Im so glad i learned how to control the fluffyness by adding or taking away milk! Because i like mine fluffy and now i can control that.

  7. Nicole Fasick

    The pancakes were really easy to make. They didn’t require too many ingredients or anything complicated methods.

  8. Alexis D. 1st

    Your demonstration was very helpful! It helped us learn how to measure all the ingredients correctly and I learned that flipping the pancakes was alot harder then you made it look!!

  9. Mandi M. 1st

    The demo really helped us; I learned that flipping pancakes is harder than it looks. And that if you don’t get the right amount of milk, your pancakes will get too thick!

  10. KhaMaria Jones

    The pancakes turned out really well and I agree you made flipping the pancakes look really easy. I learned that puttin to much skim milk will make the pancakes flat.

  11. Kristin von Pelser :]

    I didn’t know that you used the muffin method to make pancakes! Thanks mrs lupo!

  12. megan w

    I didn’t know that when there was bubbles on top, it was done.

  13. Heather

    The pancake lab was really interesting to watch, I didn’t know that you could put oats in pancakes but I think that it made them have a weird texture!! (:

  14. jonathan1st

    the pancakes were good but to me the good old fashion pancakes are better than oatmeal.(thats because im not a big fan of oatmeal.)

  15. Haley V.

    I liked the demo on this pancake because it was fun to watch. I thought that the pancakes were really good and the oats made it have a really good twist to normal kinds of pancakes.

  16. taryn 1st period

    the pancakes were great. i thought i knew a lot about making pancakes but i really learned sooo much ! one of the things i learned was that if you want to make the pancakes a little bit flatter then decrease the amount of milk that you pour into your batter.

  17. Avery ramsey 1stp

    I never knew that when pancakes started bubbling that was the signal for you to flip them over.

  18. KatyB1stBlock

    I learned that using skim milk makes your pancakes flatter, even though it is healthier for you. If you use skim milk, you shouldn’t use as much.

  19. Rachel Carvalho

    I learned that using different kinds of milk could affect how flat the pancakes are or not.

  20. caitlin coxwell

    i didn’t know you had to pack brown sugar because of the moisture in it.

  21. Brett Baxley 1st

    I didn’t know that you have to pack brown sugar.

  22. Kateca F

    I never thought of using oats in pancakes. Now i have some new to use them for.

  23. Ethan1st

    The oatmeal pancakes that you cooked were very tasty because i never had them before in my life but when you cooked them they were very unique because i didn’t know that you could use oatmeal but i liked the way you added the brown sugar because it made them sweeter and tastier.

  24. KamronM 1st

    I learned that if you dont put enough milk in the mix that the batter will be to thick and the pancakes wont cook all the way through.

  25. Ladd 1st

    I learned that you know when to flip the pancakes on the griddle when they get nice and bubbly!

  26. Andrew 1st period

    When you added the oatmeal the pancakes really tasted good with the oatmeal and brown sugar.

  27. They don’t sound so good to me as I don’t like sugar in my pancakes, but I’m trusting you on this one. Oatmeal, I love – so when I do my Breakfast Foods unit in grade 7, this will be a new recipe in the pancake portion. I am excited to try it. They look wonderful!

  28. Brittanyj

    These were good 🙂 I didn’t know that if you add more milk it makes the pancakes thinner.

  29. alaina blackstock

    i learned that you could use oatmeal in the pancakes, & they still taste the same

  30. Abigail Kremer 2nd Period

    These pancakes were good. I didn’t realize that the thickness of the batter can depend on what type of milk you use.

  31. Olivia Jarriel

    i didn’t know you could add oatmeal which has fiber in it to make the pancakes more healthier

  32. Chase DuCharme

    I didnt know that when the pancake starts to bubble that means it is ready to be flipped

  33. shiya hargrow

    i lOVed MAkinGG thE PAncAkes THEy WEre AWESOme aND I dIDNT KNOw thAT cerTAIN milKS haD so MUCh faT!! UGH, i GUEss itS IMportANT to BE heaLTHY.

  34. Denisse 2nd block

    i liked the oatmeal pancakes better than the regular ones. the brown sugar gave the oatmeal ones a sweeter taste. i learned that you dont have the level oatmeal when measuring.

  35. jermaine love

    I learned that less milk you put in the pancake mix the flatter the pancakes will be and I still think the oats made them rise. just sayin..

  36. jasmsine

    the oatmeal one were the best . i learned how much fat was in the milks had an what one was good to eat

  37. Savoi 2nd

    I had so much fun making the pancakes and bacon! It was really good, but I did not know that you weren’t suppose to mash the pancakes when you flip them over.

  38. Adam

    You made flipping pancakes look easy. I learned that brown sugar makes the pancakes darker and potentially cook faster.

  39. leka labat

    I learned that adding oats to pancake mix does not change how it taste.

  40. jamal 1st pd

    i learned you can make pancakes with oatmeal in them

  41. Le'Keitha2nd block

    The oatmeal brown sugar pancakes tasted very good. I learned that adding to much milk into the mix will make it very thin

  42. Thomas Harris

    I didn’t know that how much milk you put in the mix made a difference in the pankcake’s thickness

  43. Jenna Hanson 2nd block

    These pancakes had an awesome flavor to them. I think the brown sugar made it taste alot sweeter. I learned that it tells you on the bottom of the skillet whether or not you can wash it.

  44. liz 2nd block

    i love these pancakes, they’re were so much better than the first demo panckaes.
    I didn’t know that the kind of milk you use can sffect the way your panckes turn out.

  45. shiya hargrow

    i like the pancakes that we made they were very good i didnt know that milk had so much fat in it . its always good to be healthy in what you are going to eat.

  46. anissa beason2

    it was really good.i learned how to flip pancakes.

  47. Kaytlyn 2nd

    These Oatmeal brown sugar pancakes tasted better to me than the melt in your mouth pancakes. I learned that you need to pack the brown sugar. And I also learned that there is already oil and other stuff in the Bisquick.

  48. Kelsey 2nd.

    i learned if you put less fat free milk in the oatmeal brown sugar pancakes they will be thicker & fluffier.

  49. Myah Edwards (:*

    i learned that the type of milk you use affects the measurements and thickness of the pancakes.

  50. austin whiteley 2nd period

    i was unaware how scrumptious a pancake could be with oats and brown sugar

  51. seth moss2nd period

    i was very pleased to have the grand opportunity to make pancakes in your class! im looking forward to waffles

  52. i was ecstatic to finally make breakfast foods in class 😀 they my favv!! and i didnt know there was different kinds yuhh spatulas uhh

  53. Mallori Mcdowell

    I would have never guessed that oats would make the pancakes taste more sweeter. They were amazingly delicous.

  54. daniel vinson 2nd

    i didnt know the difference in the spatulas and i didnt know you could put oats in pancakes

  55. william

    I learned that its hard work cooking

  56. william

    I also learned how fun it can be cooking certain foods.

  57. william

    The pancakes looked great; everybody worked hard making them.

  58. my all-time, most favorite pancake recipe also uses brown sugar and oatmeal! and hey–congrats on being an elegant pancake-flipper. 🙂

  59. Jasmine J.

    I want to make pancakes now !

  60. jessica v

    when your pancakes get fluffy and bubbly, its time to flip

  61. Summer

    i learned that you should whisk dry and liquid ingredients separatly first.

  62. Chelsea M

    Im a big fan of pancakes and these look delicious, I learned from reading this that you have to be gentle while cooking or they will fall apart!

  63. Marissa 1st period

    I learned that adding the oatmeal & brown sugar to your pancakes adds texture & flavor. I also learned that if you reduce the skim milk to one cup the batter will have a better consistency.

  64. Alison C*

    I learned that when the bubbles start to burst it is time for you to turn them over.

  65. melissa cuevas

    i learned that if you put less of milk they wont be so thin.

  66. Chelsea Gray

    Flip pancakes when bubbles start to burst.

  67. ashton kell

    pancakes are the best breakfast in the world! i think the oatmeal and brown sugar will give them an extra kick (:

  68. galia sayyar

    I learned that it depends on how much milk you put into the batter whether they are fluffy or not!!

  69. julie o

    I learned how to pour pancake batter on the griddle.

  70. Patrick Hogan

    I realized that you can never cook too much pancake mix at once.

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