A note to self – Do not deviate from lesson plans that work well!!!  Not ever!  I got the bright idea from somewhere to let my classes make muffins from scratch the very first time they were in the lab.  It was a big mistake.  Don’t get me wrong.  Their muffins were very good, it was just so hectic.  They are not familiar with the people in their group.  They know where very little equipment is in the kitchen.  They are not familiar with the equipment.  So no matter how smart and energetic my students are the first lab has to be something very simple to do. It’s too much  for five group members times six kitchens.  And please don’t let one group have what they think is an emergency and my assistance is needed in their kitchen.  For example, an oven gets magically turned off or a glass is broken or the timer is hard to set!  

It was an exhausting day for me, but the students really enjoyed themselves.  I heard one young man saying has he was putting on his apron, “Man, I feel just like Bobby Flay!”  That was priceless.   Every group was excited in their own way.  After all these years it never ceases to amaze me how they all cannot wait to hear what I have to say about what they have prepared!   How did they do?    Some were better than others, but we have an entire semester and a lot of learning to do!  I am ready and I know they are , too.  Here is the recipe we used today if you want to check it out.  Now here are the results and if you like vote for the group that you felt did the best job.  Of course, that’s not going to be a true test of quality.  Some may taste good but look bad and some can look bad but taste great!



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67 responses to “Top Chef APPLE MUFFINS

  1. Linda Stagner

    They have potential. By the end of the semester, should be real pros!!!!

  2. skourasfam

    They look awesome. The presentation I like best is the one from 2nd block, kitchen five. I like the simple approach and the decorative plate. Great use of picnik to display your pics. Love it!

  3. What a lovely job they did! Hurrah! I’m sorry it was so hectic.

    You tweeted me once to get in touch and I haven’t done it yet but want to — I’m teaching my first cooking class this upcoming fall and would love to send you my syllabus, ask for some advice, and ask about how your day-to-day classes are structured. Do you have a bit of time for that (I know how incredibly busy we always are as teachers, so please don’t let me interfere!)?

    Could you email me, if so? And I’ll email you back with some questions 🙂

  4. Mariama

    go first block kitchen four! we did a great job !!! so proud of us !!! it looks delicious !!

  5. Jessica Turner

    These were very fun to make and I dont think i couldnt have done it without the help of my group but i really wish i was there to see the demo.

  6. Kayla Daniels

    I think my first lab experience with my group was very well but we could of helped each other little more.

  7. Jessica Headen

    My group actually did pretty well on this lab. We all worked efficiently and we had fun. I still need to work on peeling and chopping an apple but other than that, everything went great.

  8. Kateca F

    My group worked well together overall. At times we got a little confused about where things were in the kitchen but we bounced back and made some amazing apple muffins.

  9. Nicole F 1st

    It seemed like you made it more complicated in the demo than what it really was. Our kitchen got a little hectic with everyone doing different things, but everyone did their job and we made some pretty good muffins.

  10. Heather

    I learned in my first lab experiment that i have a really awesome group and that we work well together!! (:

  11. Rachel Carvalho

    I had a lot of fun working with my group to make these! 🙂

  12. Mandi M. 1st

    I think we did a really good job for our first lab! next time we’ll remember that we have to work faster as a family!

  13. Alexis D. 1st

    For our first lab I think everyone did great! Once we are able to remember where things are, we will be able to work together more effeciently and alot faster.

  14. KatyB1stBlock

    My lab group works so well together! I’m so excited about the rest of the year!

  15. Alexis D. 1st

    For our first lab I think that everyone did great! Once we are able to remember where things are in the kitchen, we will be able to work together more effeciently and alot faster.

  16. Ethan Way 1st period

    I liked that as a group and that we don’t know each other that much but we worked together as a family and i had alot of fun.

  17. taryn

    1st block kitchen 5 you guys did a very nice jon. cant’t wait for my first time to cook with you guys.

  18. Lucinda H.

    I realize that we must work more quickly next time and always place the napkin in our laps.

  19. KhaMaria Jones

    We had great team work. I learned not to stir the batter to much so muffins don’t peak. I love 1st period kitchen 4…yay 🙂

  20. Haley V.

    What i learned in our first lab is that you should always work together at cooking your food and treat your gropu as if its your family. I had a lot of fun doing this lab and i hope we do another one soon!

  21. avery 1st

    I think we could have done better but we worked great as a team and we know what to do better next time.

  22. Brett Baxley

    our group did good, we just need to work on managing time better. other than that we beasted it. lol

  23. Caitlin Coxwell

    I think our group did pretty well, next time i think we will stay more organized and use our time more wisely. Other than that, I too believe we beasted it (:

  24. jonathan 1st

    i learned that i can chop apples really good.

  25. Megan 1st

    We worked really well together in the lab. Everything was kept clean and everything was organized. A lot of fun!

    oh and im voting for first block kitchen 6 (:

  26. Kristin

    1st block kitchen 6 looks amazing! :] We worked great together as a team and learned how to cut up the apples.

  27. Andrew 1st Period

    Working on these muffins in class were fun! I had a good time cooking together as team, and getting to experience the basics of cooking.

  28. Mariama Jallow

    i am proud to be a part of 1st block kitchen four! we succesfully mixed the batter without overmixing and i learned that its much easier to bake with people than to multitask

  29. Kamron Munch

    I learned that mixing the wet and dry ingredients together too much will make the muffins peak.

  30. Ladd 1st

    Although our muffins didn’t taste like professional muffins, i feel our group still did a superb job with our teamwork and we have a great future ahead in this class!

  31. Kaytlyn 2nd

    Kitchen 6 was fun.. And had many laughs. We worked good together. and they tasted really good!!

  32. Jenna Hanson

    My first lab experience was fun. Our muffins turned out pretty good. We worked pretty well together and cooked efficiently as soon as we found out where everything in the kitchen was located.

  33. Abigail Kremer 2nd block

    I felt like our muffins came out really well and our group worked well together, but I did feel like we were a little rushed for time.

  34. Brittanyj

    Our muffins were delicious! They turned out good, and our goup worked really well together!

  35. Kelsey 2nd period

    our group is fun. but the banana muffins we had to make were plain.

  36. ronda

    the muffin my group made was good…i liked cookin them in the groups becuase its showed you how to reallly cook and make stuff rite:]

  37. jsamine

    the muffins my group made were really good we worked every hard together a a group and i learned that you can keep some of the peel on to see what it would be like an it came out right

  38. olivia jarriel

    my group did pretty good the first lab. Overall it was a fun activity

  39. Elizabeth 2nd block

    I liked our muffin’s! I thought we did really good together, it was very easy and fun. The only problem was that our oven kept shutting off!

  40. Denisse 2nd block

    it was fun working together with everyone we all agreed on things and everything went smoothly. we did get a little worried wen the oven turned off good thing we realised this soon enough.

  41. Chase Ducharme

    I thought it was fun and interesting to make mufffins as the first thing we cooked and my group worked well together

  42. Adam

    An interesting day it was… First time for me ever cooking anything of significance in the kitchen. I learned a lot though… It was difficult working with so many people in a small place, it was hard to move around and everyone was kind of in my way… All in all, though, we did all right. I’m glad that you enjoyed our muffins.

  43. slaten 2nd period

    working from scratch is harder than i thought! but i still enjoyed the food! GO KITCHEN 1!

  44. le'keitha 2nd block

    Our muffins came out very well, but I felt that they should have rose more than they did. Although are muffins did not ride well i’m glad you did enjoy the taste

  45. Thomas Harris

    I felt like our muffins turned out great and were cooked well

  46. anissa beason2

    our first time in kitchenwas really BAD because didn`t put enought.

  47. shiya hargrow

    i think that the muffins were awesome! i think that at some point and time wer should make them again.

  48. myah edwards (:*

    making the muffins were fun . my group worked well together so we learned alot and had fun while doing it.(:*

  49. jermaine love

    i love them!!

  50. shiya hargrow

    i like our first lab expierience i was nice that we got to do it ourselves it was fun and i cant wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  51. leka labat

    i enjoyed the demo .

  52. alaina blackstock 2nd

    my groups first time in the kitchen was kind of crazy, we didnt add enough bakin powder and they didnt rise.

  53. StRicT MoSs 2cd

    it was a fun experiance! im looking foward to the next labb

  54. Austin 2nd

    The first lab was crazy! it was a good experience with my lab partners!

  55. Daniel Vinson

    The lab was alot of fun and our group didnt have many problems so it went good!

  56. leka labat

    i learn how to mix the ingredients together

  57. Jamal 2nd pd

    it was a fun first lab

  58. jermaine love

    i learn how to chop apples without cutting my finger off

  59. Wow, those muffins like great. It sounds like a fabulous way to kick up the school year — even if it was hectic. I bet those students learned lots with this exercise.

  60. Great idea! Everyone looks like they came out with a wonderful bunch of muffins. I can’t even imagine how much chaos it must have been, but it must have been nice to see the finished products. Yum!

  61. Love these! Would never had known there was hectic-ness by those great pics! Congrats to your students for turning out some great muffins!

  62. Those sound amazing! And look it too…not to mention perfect for fall.

  63. Fun post, Wanda!
    Hard to choose though, without tasting! 🙂

  64. never judge a book by its cover, right? i love an apple muffin, even though it reminds me that fall is right around the corner… 🙂

  65. will

    it was a little hard finding where everything was since i think it was are first lab in the group but learned a few things from that experience

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