Waldrop’s General Store and Farm Market


Farmer’s markets are all the rage right now.  It seems that home grown and organically grown are important factors for shoppers today.  I know that it is for me.  For the last four summers I have done some of my vegetable shopping at Waldrop’s Farm.  Until this year it was just a small stand beside the road.  You would just drive up, choose what you wanted, and leave money in the jar.  Now it is quite different and I love it!  Just look at what Allen built.

Here’s where I have spent most of my time shopping.  This bin is located right on the front porch of Waldrop’s General Store.  They have had the best and I do mean best tomatoes this year.  I literally have bought bags of them and I have enjoyed every single bite!

This is what you will find around the cute front porch.

Stepping inside is like stepping back in time.  This little store reminds me of the store I would visit as a child.  It is just full of all kinds of goodies that you want to take home.  Farm fresh eggs, sausage, butter, all kinds of canned vegetables ( I love the pickled okra), jams, jellies, pepper sauce, okra, green beans, corn, and honey.  The honey that Allen has is the best that my family has EVER had.  In one of the upcoming photos read the history of this honey.  It is unbelievable!  So now I have shared with the whole world Douglasville’s best kept secret and I hope that you will stop by and see the Waldrop family and try the wonderful produce and canned goods they have to offer.  It is worth the trip. 

Next week I will be posting one of Mrs. Waldrop’s recipes – Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes.  It has summer written all over it! 

  • Waldrop’s General Store and Farm Market 
  • 2912 Post Road
  • Winston, GA 30187
  • 770-942-4571

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks





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10 responses to “Waldrop’s General Store and Farm Market

  1. I am so hitting this place up. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing and for ALL the wonderful recipes. Love your blog!

  2. Sarah J

    Looks awsome !! I’ll have to visit sometime .

  3. I wish we had places like this, Wanda. There just isn’t anything like this in my area…when I lived in Michigan, we had lots of general stores like this. So much fun and such wonderful produce.

  4. Allen

    You are so kind and thoughtful to write such a blog. I am honored and touched! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

  5. Andrew

    This has to be the Allen Waldrop! President of AHS Senior Class of ’94! Super guy! Super blog!!

  6. Reagan

    My husband and I LOVE Allen’s store for all the fresh veggies and they also have tasty treats for sale there too!! Tea cake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, fresh sourdough bread. It is always a surprise to see what the Waldrops have cooked up for their patrons.

  7. Jane

    Your photos are awsome! Not only are you a gifted teacher, cook, and “blogger” you are now a gifted photographer!

  8. An open air market is on my list where ever I travel as it is such a dynamic image of one’s culture. I go to mine every Saturday morning, without fail. LOVE IT!

  9. Can’t wait to visit there! How fun! And right in my back yard! 🙂

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