Making candy is not my favorite thing to do.  Too many things can go wrong that you have no control over.  Humidity is one of them. And here in the South you know we have plenty of humidity.  I was so happy to find this recipe in my mailbox at school.  It was just by chance that I can now share this with you.

Vickie B.  a great English teacher submitted this for a school  cookbook that never hit the press.  Somehow it was placed in my box.  I am so thrilled!!  Thanks to Vickie all of us can enjoy these pralines.  I promise you that they are pretty close to what you can get on River Street in Savannah!  In other words they are fabulousa!!

So here is what it takes for you to be the best candymaker ever.  No need for a thermometer or worry if it is raining. Enjoy every melt in your mouth bite!  Here ya go!

2 cups of Toasted pecans

1 stick of butter in saucepan

Add 2/3 cup of heavy cream

Add 2 cups of brown sugar

Brown sugar, cream and butter

Just warming up!

Bring to a boil

Boil for 1 minute

Stir in 2 cups of powdered sugar

Stir in 2 cups of pecans and 2 t. vanilla


Drop on wax paper

Vickie B.’s Louisiana Pralines

  • 1/2 cup real butter
  • 2 c. brown sugar
  • 2/3 c. heavy cream
  • 2 c. powdered sugar
  • 2 t. vanilla
  • 2 c. chopped, toasted pecans ( 200 Degrees for 15 min.)

Bring butter, brown sugar and cream to a boil, stir often.  Boil for 1 minute.  Remove and add vanilla, powdered sugar and pecans.  Drop on wax paper and cool.

Thank you Vickie for the great recipe.  Because of you I am a hit in Macon with this candy!!!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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86 responses to “Pralines

  1. Jessica Noble

    This looks really good. .Although I do not like pecans.

  2. Ana

    I have never seen or tried this before but it looks really good, we should try to make this in class.

  3. wow, this looks very tasting.

  4. Ashley Kendrick

    I really didn’t know that humidity could change the appearance of it. This looks good by the way.

  5. Ashley Maryniak

    I never knew that making candy could be so easy. They look great!

  6. THESE LOOK REALLY GOOD. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. taylor d

    my grandma makes these but yours looks simpler

  8. taylor roddy

    these look great!

  9. Jennifer Pham

    The pralines look easy to make. I never tried to make those at home before. 🙂

  10. tinnia adams

    that lo0ks reaally good
    it makes me want to go home and make peanut brittle

  11. Savannah Cole

    I don’t like pecans but those look yummy 🙂

  12. brandy adams

    looks good…..yum! 🙂

  13. Carly Hart

    These look good! I didn’t know it could be that simple to make candy! We should make these sometime!

  14. Becca

    If I could eat these I definitely would!

  15. dakota clayton

    looks good

  16. ariel smith

    this looks really good

  17. Debbie

    Can’t wait to make these! They look so good! I have a recipe for pralines, but this one looks like it would be closer to those made on River Street (my favorite place to get pralines). Thanks for sharing!

  18. Brooke Davidson

    My grandma makes some candy similar to this…

  19. Erin

    This makes candy-making look so easy!

  20. Brooke Maryniak

    These seem really easy to make and delicious! The recipe is simple too!

  21. Yesica Melchor

    This looks very yummy..not a big fan of pecans but it still looks delicious!

  22. ashley

    never seen this before, looks good!

  23. Leslie Stewart

    I love pralines! I never knew how to make them. These look really good.

  24. Elizabeth

    I’ve always loved this things when i get them in savannah, so if they taste like them, then they must be pretty great.

  25. Allie

    I made these with my grandmother when I was younger and they were delicious. In fact, I may make this recipe just for christmas for her house. She loves candy.

  26. Parker

    My Grandma makes something just like this each year for christmas.

  27. blakely

    this looks good and easy to make

  28. hanna

    i’ve never heard of these. they look good!

  29. imari

    i’ve never made candy before. this looks pretty good. i might have to try this.

  30. Shane Davis

    this looks awesome

  31. Isata

    i dont really like pecans but the butterscotch will make for me trying this.

  32. zuleima

    mm is watched very rich and it sees very well that sweet so rich it watches an almost equal candy of Mexico mm

  33. Quick and easy snack! Looks great!

  34. kenny

    they look very good i’ve never had them though

  35. pralines = magic. if something doesn’t foul up along the way, these are one of the tastiest treats on the face of the earth. i know pecan pralines are the norm, but have you tried cashews? gadzooks, it’s good.

  36. Uniqua Dortch

    Yes ! Candy.
    This looks so sweet. The process of making this looks kind of messy but by the looks of the candy, it’ll be all worth it

  37. ive never tryed to make candy of any sort but i want to try i always worry about burning it

  38. Lindsey Hale

    These look delisious. I have never even heard of these i don’t think they kinda look like my favorite cookies. They look so yumm.

  39. taylor r roddy

    one of my favorite things we have made all semester!

  40. Stephanie Pendley

    Just made them and they are wonderful!!

  41. KatyBurger

    I learned cooking in humidity is not good when making candy.

  42. megan w

    I didn’t know that you would bring it all to a boil.

  43. Brett

    Humidity can play a role in candy making.

  44. Mandi 1st

    Making this candy looks easier than i thought it would!

  45. kristin 1st

    I learned that you only boil it for one minute.

  46. Nicole

    I learned that humidity can affect the way your food turns out.

  47. Kateca F.

    I didnt know that toasting the nuts would make any kind of difference in the taste.

  48. bethanie

    These look really good, i didnt know you had to boil it.

  49. Heather

    I learned that humidity can change how they look and that it is not good when you make candy.

  50. Haley V.

    I learned that humidity can have a lot to do with how candy turns out. It can either help you, or hurt you.

  51. Jessica Headen

    I learned that you can make candy in a pot

  52. Rachel Carvalho

    I didnt know you put heavy cream in pralines.

  53. avery 1st

    I didn’t know that the temperature around you could affect the way your candy turns out.

  54. ladd morgan

    I learned it is better to make these with the REAL butter and not the fake imposter butter that we all have come to know and love! Curse your country crock!

  55. Jessica Turner

    Oh these are kind of like the no bake cookies and we know that you can easily mess up in stuff llike these.

  56. Lucinda Hertlen

    These remind me of the No Bake Cookies but I think they look better.
    I learned that you have to boil it for only 1 minute, or else it will burn.

  57. Brittany M. 1st block

    Didn’t realize it would be so hard to make candy.

  58. taryn

    i didnt know that inorder to make this recipe you didnt need as many ingredients.

  59. Kamron Munch

    I didn’t know there was something you weren’t good at cooking!

  60. Mariama Jallow

    i didnt know making candy could be so easy these look like such a delicacy!

  61. KhaMaria Jones

    this recipe looks very easy to do.
    you dont even have to bake them.

  62. Thomas Harris

    I learned that the humidity will change the appearance of the food

  63. Abigail Kremer

    I didn’t know that you didn’t have to bake pralines.

  64. Chase DuCharme

    I didn’t know that the humidity effects how they look.

  65. Mallori 2nd.

    i learned how to make a delicious candy now.

  66. BrittanyJ

    I didn’t think you would have to put the pecans in the oven before mixing them in the batter.

  67. miya dixon 1st period

    looking at this just made me learned how to make carmel

  68. LeKeitha2nd

    I learned that carmel is not that hard but easy to make

  69. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that you drop them on wax paper.

  70. Daniel Vinson

    i learned cooking in humidity is hard

  71. anissa g beason

    it look more like a cookie than candy.

  72. Olivia Jarriel

    I learned that the humidity can control how your candy comes out.

  73. ronda

    this looks really good but i think it would look and taste better if it didnt have pecans in it.

  74. anissa g beason

    it look more like a cookies than candy.

  75. kelsey reid

    I learned humidity can mess up the recipe for this.

  76. Savoi G.

    I learned that you have to boil it for 1 minute.

  77. Austin Whiteley

    I did not know that the humidity could change the look of the Pralines!

  78. Denisse

    i didnt know that the humidety can also affect candy!.

  79. alaina blackstock

    i learned you had to toast the pecans at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

  80. jamal 1st pd

    I learned that humidity affects the praline

  81. shiya hargrow

    ive had something similar to pralines but instead they are called peanut brittle they very good i ate them all the time when i was a child

  82. Adam

    I learned that humidity really messes with the recipe.

  83. Andrew E.

    I’m not a very big fan of pecans, but this recipe made me like them. 🙂

  84. Myah Edwards(:*

    This looks really good ! i learned that the humidity is not good for the recipe.

  85. Kaytlyn 2nd

    i learned you cant make candy in differnt weather conditions

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