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Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels

Here I am back again with a boatload of recipes for you!  School is in full swing and everyday I am bombarded by the question when are we cooking?  I hate it that we can’t cook everyday, but there are Standards to be covered and all that other stuff  the state requires.  I am excited about this year’s angels that have been given to me to broaden their knowledge about my love  of cooking.  I have a plan to teach them 30 dishes that everyone should know when they leave home and endeavor life on their own.  I am excited especially when I hear a student talking to a friend and saying to them that I am a cool teacher.  It really makes my day because there are times that I have some self doubt.  You know every once in a while you just want to know if they really care about what you are doing.  I had a lot of fun doing this recipe from Pillsbury.    There are so many students that want to help me in the kitchen!  For this first demonstration of the year I had some great volunteers.  Surprisingly none of the four had any cooking experience, but they did great!   I am looking forward to another fabulous year with  rewarding cooking experiences to share  along the way.

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Crescent Rolls filled with Chocolate

Pain Au Chocolat is one of my favorite things to eat.  Melted chocolate in a buttery croissant is just plain sinful.   I love them calories and all.  I don’t make them from scratch and it’s not often that I get them from a French bakery.     Here is a great substitute that you can make in less than thirty minutes.  It’s not the same rich, flaky, and buttery croissant as you might find in a French bakery, but it is a close second.  You will get no complaints when these pop out of the oven!

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