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Bacon Thingeys

Bacon makes everything good!  When these things were the rage in the eighties I was busy changing diapers and then after that it was a whole calendar of children’s events.  You know soccer, tennis, scouts, birthday parties, and homework.  I don’t think that I went to a single adult party during that time.  So therefore,  I missed these fantastic Bacon Thingeys that Ree raved about and then Paula.   If you google these everyone in the world it seems has had these except me  until Jane R.  brought them to a pool party last June.  Let me tell you that they literally flew out of the basket.  I could not for the life of me figure out what they were.  I  just knew they were good.  I was blown away when I learned it was simply a saltine wrapped in bacon with a little cheese and baked.  Easy!   If you haven’t tried these you should try them immediately.  They will be perfect for the upcoming holiday parties.

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Parmesan and Thyme Crackers

When I was in college I made a 100,000 cheese straws for every President’s tea, Alumni luncheon, or fundraiser that was held while I was there.  It seems that one would tire of a certain food when one had to produce that many in such a short time.  But, that is not the case.  I still love them and when I saw this recipe in Ina Garten’s Back to Basic Cookbook using freshly grated parmesan cheese I had to try them.  These are similar to cheese straws in some ways, but  much more rich and oh so flavorful.  In other words they are absolutely divine.  These crackers are a buttery shortbread with the saltiness of  parmesan cheese and a hint of thyme.  Novice cooks these are just for you to pull out of the oven and place on a beautiful tray at a party.  I promise they will be a hit!

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Hot Chipped Beef Dip – Just in time for New Year’s Eve

What are you putting together for your New Year’s Eve party?  Want something easy that really is good?    Here is a hot cheese dip that is sure to please most everyone!  Since October I have made this on four different occasions.   When carrying it to a party just bake it there.  It will be  better right out of the oven.  Let’s get cooking!

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