Top 10 Posts for 2010


For the past two weeks I have not posted as often as I wanted to, but for a good reason.  The Athlete has been home for the last ten days and I just wanted to spend as much time with him as I possibly could. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and will be sharing some really good recipes with you in the coming weeks.  For you to enjoy I have composed the top ten posts that were viewed this year.  I was so surprised at the #1 post! By the way the top photo is my favorite dessert of 2010.  Happy New Year to all of you! 


#10 Potato Soup

#9  Pecan Sticky Buns

#8  Cream Cheese Peach Cobbler

#7 Chocolate Magic Bars

#6 Mandarin Orange Cake

#5 Cornbread Muffins with Cheese & Chilies

#4 Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

#3 Chocolate Pudding Pie

#2 Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Pancakes

#1 Mexican Stuffed Shells

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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12 responses to “Top 10 Posts for 2010

  1. Happy Happy New Year to you!
    What a great recap for the New Year!
    Each looks completely delectable! I cannot wait to get home to cook. We are currently in Banff and it is exceedingly gorgeous here. I do not commune with Nature enough, and must do more. It lifts the spirit so!

  2. Cool Idea, Made me reflect on my top recipes of the year, and there are a few surprises to me. I believe I will do an echo post with a cross reference to you site. I hope you will be pleased.

  3. Oh my GOSH!!! That top pic made me drool! Great list, Im bookmarking it 🙂

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  5. Love your list! Isn’t it fun to see what comes out of those lists, from every blog? It sure was surprising to me (some of my own favorites didn’t make it into the list, while some unexpected, easy-quick-post recipes turned out to be quite popular!

    I’ll be sure to try out some of your breakfast-goodies, they all look divine (and it happens to be about breakfast time in my corner of the world!)

  6. You and I have much in common — I’m a college professor by day and cook in the evenings. I’ve just found your blog today, and love what I see. I’m excited to see your best of 2010 — especially those oatmeal brown sugar pancakes. Yum!

  7. suzie

    I’m drooling. These look great! I think I’m gonna try that potato soup this week. I LOVE soup this time of year. All those sweets are killing me though.

  8. jessica v.

    these foods seem very tasty and its going to be pretty exciting to start cooking them (:

  9. breana h

    this look so good i cant wait till we start cooking in you class so gald i finally got tyhis class i have been trying sense freshman year and well it is now my senior year so i am pretty excited.

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  11. Jasmine J.

    This looks delicious , quite a cook you are !

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