The Snow and Voting for Your Favorite Decorated Cookie


This is why we did not have school last Friday.  If you’re from the north I know that you are laughing, but 1/2 inch or more of this white stuff will shut us down for quite sometime.  We  head to the grocery store for bread and milk and whatever else is needed for being snowbound.  It was beautiful while it lasted which was for exactly twenty-four hours.  Just long enough for school to be called off for yet another day. 

On Wednesday before the snow I demonstrated this to my class.  With much enthusiasm on Thursday the classes baked their cookies to decorate on Friday.  I heard them planning their strategy and who they were delivering their cookies to for Valentine’s Day. It would be their boyfriend, girlfriend, favorite teacher, or take them home to let their parents enjoy.  But it did not happen on Friday!  Then came our three-day winter break.  Decorating Disappointment!!!  

This is what I heard on Thursday .

I can’t believe we didn’t come to school on Friday!

I wanted to be in school so badly.

 I was so looking forward to decorating the cookies.

It was a bummer we weren’t in school!  

This was the one day that I wanted to come to school.

I thought it was quite funny hearing the students making these kinds of comments that typically would not come out of their mouths if I paid them .  But anyway, we did get the cookies decorated and some of them wrapped them up , tied bows, and delivered them to some very special people.  I want to give a special thanks to Mark Mason at  Kroger for donating 12 packages of Pillsbury cookie dough  along with 6 large bags of Kroger powdered sugar for us to enjoy.  Thank you for your generous contribution.  And Danielle if you read this put the address of the Kroger in your comment. Your teacher left the paper with the address on her desk.  Irresponsible teacher!

Here are the Decorated Cookies for you to vote on for this week’s winner.  While you perusing  check out the winners here from the  last top chef contest.

May the best decorator win!

The Teacher Cooks 



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22 responses to “The Snow and Voting for Your Favorite Decorated Cookie

  1. Jocelyn

    I’m going with 1st Block, Kitchen 2! They are so pretty!

  2. chasitywilson

    loved making these


  3. jessiewilson

    nice cookies


  4. kirkwilson

    those were sooo good i want some more


  5. raineethompson

    best cookies ever!betterlooking cookies than the rest .

  6. jennythompson

    sexy cookies ever!!!!

  7. levi cannon

    good cookies there awsome!!!!:)


  8. kayleighwilson

    they were good i ate 2 and they did awsome .


  9. joeywilson

    pure awsomeness!!!!


  10. if ever there was an enticement to go to school, it’d be a cookie assignment. all of the creations look great, but my favorite plate would have to be that of 1st block kitchen 6–so much variety!

  11. I vote for 1st Block, Kitchen 2. I think their cookies had romantic appeal which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

  12. Chelsea M

    This was so much fun! And thay tasted great!

  13. chasity wilson

    this was sooooo much fun even though we had to wait because of the snow day but i enjoyed it.

  14. bethany bowlin

    These were so good.

  15. Rachel S.

    These were really good & they were fun to make even though i missed decorating them haha(:

  16. anna lester

    these were super fun to make!:)

  17. mike "Da Beast" Neal

    1st block kitchen 4 WOO!!!

  18. Snow will shut down Houston too.
    My vote is

    2nd Block Kitchen ( photo #2)

  19. Andre Carter

    I wish i was here for these….Dang Man

  20. Vaida R.

    These sugar cookies were amazing and the decorations look wonderful!

  21. Vaida R.

    these cookies were amazing and fun to bake!

  22. shalynne

    i think me and my team did great, and i love what we came up with.

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