The Winners for Pancake of the Day……

!st Place Winner is 2nd Block Kitchen 1

Lab days are exciting for the students.  Who wouldn’t be excited?  They are cooking breakfast for themselves and their friends.  They serve it, sit down and enjoy it.  Words cannot describe how proud they are to accomplish this task.  Just setting the table is a work of art for some.  Most of them eat in front of the TV or to my horror in their bedroom alone.  So this is a great thing for them sitting down at a table with what I call a family.  Ninety percent of them want to ask a teacher to eat with them and it is not just for the extra credit.  It is to show the teacher what they can do.  It is not just any teacher they invite.  I have found that it is the caring teachers that really go out of their way to show how much they love their job of teaching  high school students.

Preparing food — It does so much more than fuel our body.  It fuels our soul!  

With that said let’s get to the important stuff.  Cast your vote this weekend for the best pancakes of the day.   I know it is a hard choice this time.  Good luck to all.

Happy Cooking, 

The Teacher Cooks 

2nd Place Winner !st Block Kitchen 4



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28 responses to “The Winners for Pancake of the Day……

  1. Coley

    2nd block Kitchen 1

  2. Callie

    2nd block Kitchen 1! They look AMAZING!!!

  3. travis hendrix

    2nd block 3rd kitchen pancakes was very professional looking!!!

  4. Christi

    2nd block Kitchen 1

  5. Brandy Palmer


  6. Melissa

    2nd Block Kitchen 1

  7. Mellissa Robins

    2nd pd 3rd kitchen. 😀

  8. Trinity

    2nd Block Kitchen 1 🙂

  9. Brittney

    wow 2nd block 3rd kitchens pancakes look great.

  10. Madision

    2nd Block Kitchen 1 Defiently!!!

  11. I like 2nd Block Kitchen 5. I like the rustic look of pancakes, they look delicious. Do the students take their own pictures? The pictures look great.

  12. Jocelyn

    I’m going to vote for 1st block, Kitchen 5. In my mind, 2nd block, Kitchen 5 was a close second, but I thought the serving size was a bit too large. Ha ha!

  13. chasitywilson

    had so much fun working togather on these and there were soooo good.

    4thkitchen 1stperiod:)

  14. kirkwilson

    these look good maybe she will make them for use .good job chas.


  15. jessiewilson

    yummy. chasitys group did awsome and they look good .
    4th kitchen 1st period

  16. It looks like this was a great lab! My Biotech class does breakfast several times a year and I simply break my food biotech unit into five or six chunks.

  17. I am voting for 2nd Block Kitchen 1. You can see they went the extra mile to make a nice presentation. Since we eat with our eyes first and since I can’t taste them, they get my vote.

  18. It’s hard because taste has a lot to do with it, but: Gotta love that pile of pancakes on 2nd Block Kitchen 5 !

  19. Rachel S.

    Kitchen #5 1st period looks the best!(((:

  20. Tatiana G 1st period

    They look yummy. There are so many things you can do with Bisquik

  21. chasity wilson

    i had so much fun doing this with my group and we enjoy sitting down together and eattimg what we worked hard on makeing .

  22. Rachel S.

    making pancakes was so much fun!! i’m so happy i finally know how to make pancakes!(:

  23. tommie h.

    These look really good even though i dont eat pancakes.

  24. Aaron V.

    these pancakes are were the best I make them every morning on the weekend.

  25. Alexis A

    That was such a fun lab! It was sort of hard at first, but our group pulled together and we made amazing pancakes.

  26. Radiance

    Pancakes are my favorite and I really enjoyed making them! I especially love when they are made at home.

  27. shalynne

    i think everyones presentation is absolutly onderful!!!!!!!!

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