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Waffles made Light and Crispy

I have been on a search for the best waffle that is light and crispy and guess what?  I found it.  It’s Pam Anderson’s Light and Crispy Waffle from her cookbook Cook Smart. After reading the reviews from Food and Wine and Fine Cooking I knew that I couldn’t go wrong.  I put it to the test in my classroom and they loved it, too.  

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Nice and Crispy Waffles

I have been looking for a waffle recipe that will have a bit of a crunch to it and I finally found one.  It came from this vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook.  If you don’t happen to have it in your collection, you really should find one on E-bay or your local used bookstore.  It is a treasure. Inside you will find basic recipes that are tried and true.  Betty Crocker and I go way back.  When I was a senior in high school I received the Betty Crocker award.  Many things have changed  since then, but  I am still the same overachiever when it comes to cooking. 

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Whole Wheat Waffles and Voting

First Place Winner 2nd Block Kitchen 2!!!

Whole wheat Waffles???  Sure they don’t look like whole wheat.  These are crisp and light. Nothing like I expected.  At least the second go round!

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