Whole Wheat Waffles and Voting

First Place Winner 2nd Block Kitchen 2!!!

Whole wheat Waffles???  Sure they don’t look like whole wheat.  These are crisp and light. Nothing like I expected.  At least the second go round!

The recipe came from King Arthur.   In looking for a more healthy choice I decided to make whole wheat waffles.   Most recipes will use a combination of all purpose flour along with whole wheat flour.  This is to ensure that the product will not be too heavy.  I was intrigued when I saw this recipe.  No combination is used just whole wheat flour.  I had to try it.

The first try I was not very satisfied with the texture.  It was more heavy.  The recipe called for either butter or oil.  I chose butter.  It the reviews I noticed that quite a few stated that using buttermilk was a good thing.  The combination of the butter and buttermilk did not produce the light and airy waffle that I was looking for although after slathering it with butter and syrup GI Joe thought they were fantastic!

The second trial I used oil and skim milk.  It was a good combination. Just what I was looking for, light ,airy, crisp, and a nutty flavor.  Perfection.

As far as being a more nutritious choice I am still not sure about that.  The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of butter or oil.  To me that is a large percentage of fat.  In most waffle recipes only 2 tablespoons of fat are used.   My next trial I will reduce the fat and  see what happens. I’ll have to wait awhile though.  I cannot eat another waffle after making two recipes for my classes, two at home and tasting  10 waffles today.  I’m done with waffles for now!

Today was a lab day and the students prepared waffles and turkey bacon.  First block started of with a few obstacles.  One kitchen was invaded with ants.  I don’t think that I have shared with you that our school was built on a huge ant hill.  One crystal  of sugar and they march right in and make themselves at home.  After burying the ants I pulled about 12 aprons out of the dryer that were twisted together so tightly that it was like working a huge rubik’s cube!  Then right in the middle of the lab one of the waffle irons just turned itself off for good!   I will not  share the photos of me pulling my hair out!  Other than that it was a fine day in the world of cooking!

Hearty Whole Wheat Waffles  taken from here

Makes about 6 – 6 1/2 waffles

  • 1 1/2 cups King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/3 cup of butter or oil ( I prefer the oil for a lighter waffle)

Whisk dry ingredients together.  In a separate bowl beat egg, milk, and oil.  Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients stirring just until moistened.

Cook in a waffle iron following manufacture’s directions.

Here are the results of today’s lab.  Vote for the one that deserves top chef .

1st block Kitchen 1

1st Block Kitchen 2

1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 5

1st Block Kitchen 6

2nd Block Kitchen 1

2nd Block Kitchen 2

2nd Block Kitchen 3

2nd Block Kitchen 5

2nd Block Kitchen 6



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55 responses to “Whole Wheat Waffles and Voting

  1. Rachel

    1st Period, Kitchen #5! (:

  2. Joanne Gillis

    I vote Kitchen 2 second block

    They look DELICIOUS! wish i could eat them now 🙂

  3. Bill Boatman

    All of these waffles look so good
    but I vote Kitchen 2 second block
    theirs looks Extrodinary

  4. Amber Gillis

    because they just look down right
    yummy 🙂

  5. Shellie Hagen

    I am voting for Kitchen 2 second block.
    Their waffles looks Amazing and very colorful.
    Keep it Up Kitchen 2

  6. Alex Hagen

    Yummy Yummy Kitchen 2 Second Block
    I vote for yalls Waffles as the best lookin

  7. Kelsey Brown

    kitchen 2 second period for sure looks the best
    Gooo! Kiitchheenn! Twoo!

  8. Thomas Gillis

    I have to say out of all the waffles Kitchen 2 second block has the best looking waffles by far

  9. Amber Johnson

    Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!
    Kitchen 2 Second Block
    They look scrump-didily-uptious :]

  10. Keith Hagen

    Kitchen Two Second Block
    Their Waffles look

  11. Kathy Altman

    I vote for Block 1 Kitchen #5

  12. Ana Torres

    Waffles looked great but to me the best were 1st period kitchen 5.

  13. brittany

    1st block 5th kitchen

  14. 2nd Block Kitchen 2 gets my vote!

  15. Sarah J.

    1st Block Kitchen 5
    2nd Block Kitchen 3

  16. Waffles and turkey bacon are a favorite it my house. Sounds like you had a very interesting day in class.

    My vote is :
    2nd Block Kitchen 2

  17. renee wilson

    voting for ist period 4th kitchen go chasity and team members

  18. ben wilson

    ist period 4th block looks great

  19. stacy w

    voting for 1st period 4th kitchen

  20. sadie

    voting for 1st period 4th kitchen

  21. John

    2 per kitchen 3

  22. John

    3rd kitchen 2nd block

  23. shalynne

    1st period 4th kitchen

  24. dametia

    1st period 4th kitchen

  25. martell

    first period 4th kitchen

  26. martell

    2 period 5th kitchen

  27. 2nd block kitchen 2

    Waffles and berries all the way!

  28. I think they’re all terrific, but I’ll vote for 2nd block kitchen 2. Good luck, everybody!

  29. Radiance Marshall

    I vote for 2nd block 3rd kitchen

  30. abby

    1st period kitchen 5 😉

  31. Mike Neal

    I hadnt had homemade waffles for a while until then and i did miss homemade waffles 😀

  32. anna 1st block

    we need to make waffles again! for sure:)

  33. alexis a

    This was a great lab. I loved working with my group to make these waffles! 🙂

  34. Brittany - 1st block.

    Yummy! I loved this lab. Waffles are my favorite breakfast meal. (:

  35. Tatiana G 1st period

    i always thought making homemade waffles took a lot of work in time. I was wrong. This were simply and yummy. I know for now on I’m going to make lots of homemade waffles at home and stop buying the Eggo

  36. Kamryn Storey

    waffles are my all time favorite breakfast food ! (:

  37. Marianna

    I vote for my kitchen 5 1st period but I reallly liked how 2nd block kitchen #2 looked they were so pretty.

  38. Rachel S.

    Waffles are so good! They were also a lot of fun to make!(:

  39. Danielle Rogers

    i loved making these waffels! they were fun to make and they tasted soooo good!

  40. Bethany Bowlin

    These were so good!! We had so much fun making them too.

  41. tommie 1st period

    These waffles were very tasty even though I dont eat waffles!!

  42. shalynne

    i loved making waffles in class it was so much fun.

  43. Tyrone

    the waffles were fun to make and eat

  44. yvonne mcgregor

    yummy they look really good. it wasnt easy making it tho.

  45. Callie

    Making waffles that day was so much fun….
    Scared we were gonna burn them though!!
    But they came out pretty nice!!

  46. tania

    these waffles were very good and easy to make

  47. heather

    I love walffes. It was a little different because I usually make them by myself.

  48. Courtney E

    yay! we won! i think that this was one of my favorites! 😛

  49. Sarah J.

    I want to try the whole wheat waffles. Yum.

  50. vaida r.

    These waffles were and fun and tasty experience!

  51. Radiance M

    I love homemade waffles!!!! But I prefer pancakes better!!!!!! lol 😀 (hug)

  52. amy wil

    thes look yummy & healthy!

  53. Naomi

    These waffles were really fun to make

  54. Aaron Vantrees

    these waffles turned out better than the one’s I made at home and so good.

  55. kim s

    these waffles were really good and fun to make.

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