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Crunchy Chewy Granola


I hate it when I find just the right shade of lipstick and  you are standing at the cosmetic counter glaring at the salesperson as they say to you with a smile “Sorry, but the color has been discontinued.”  What?  Tell me you are kidding?  It has been brought to my attention many times that I should buy two of everything that I love.  You know that special t-shirt, sweater, jeans, and the list goes on.  So you know where this is going.  I am a granola girl.  I love it with cold skim milk in the morning, for a snack, or dinner.  More than once or twice I have fallen for a certain brand and out of no where production of this wonderful product stops.  No one calls me.  No one asked my opinion.  It just stops appearing on the shelf.  It’s sad.  Now I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago and I am making my granola.  Well, really it’s not mine but thanks to Katie Workman I can have my favorite granola anytime I want it.   So can you and you will love it!

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Yogurt Fruit Parfaits

This is the first full  week of school.  I am so excited.  That is just crazy!    After 30 years- Did I  just type that? – It will  be just another day, but NO.     56 high school students are walking  through my classroom door every day hoping that it will be a fun class.  Most days it will  but after all it is school.  We will use a textbook and take tests.  They will have fun though,  they will learn how to COOK!!!  Better yet they are going to EAT.   SOOO  I have a captive audience, they will eat ANYTHING that I put before them .  Most of them do not eat breakfast.  They are  starving. 

Just so you will  know I am no culinary expert.  I am just a Nutrition and Wellness teacher that loves to teach and loves to cook.  With that said let’s start with something easy for breakfast.   


Yogurt Fruit Parfaits –   YUMMY


My first experience with these cute little things was in PC (Panama City, Fla).  GI Joe and I were attending a destination wedding for one of my best friend’s daughter’s wedding.  The morning of the wedding we had breakfast at the Bay Point Marriott restaurant where we were staying .  The Parfait was a feast for your eyes as well as scrumptious to eat.  As most hotels, the cost was HIGH.  I am so cheap in some ways.   As a Family and Consumer Science Teacher aka. Home Economics teacher anything that you can


make at home and buy elsewhere is HIGH!!   When we returned home  I started making some of those high priced PARFAITS.  They are sooo easy and sooo good.  Here ya go. 

Use any fruits that are in season ( or Frozen) for example blueberries and peaches or strawberries and bananas

Add nuts


Nonfat yogurt

Layer in a pretty glass.  PAY ATTENTION TO SERVING SIZE   Read the labels and do not use your eyes as a guide. Until you get a feel for serving sizes USE measuring cups.  You will be surprised.

That’s it for today!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks

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