Yogurt Fruit Parfaits

This is the first full  week of school.  I am so excited.  That is just crazy!    After 30 years- Did I  just type that? – It will  be just another day, but NO.     56 high school students are walking  through my classroom door every day hoping that it will be a fun class.  Most days it will  but after all it is school.  We will use a textbook and take tests.  They will have fun though,  they will learn how to COOK!!!  Better yet they are going to EAT.   SOOO  I have a captive audience, they will eat ANYTHING that I put before them .  Most of them do not eat breakfast.  They are  starving. 

Just so you will  know I am no culinary expert.  I am just a Nutrition and Wellness teacher that loves to teach and loves to cook.  With that said let’s start with something easy for breakfast.   


Yogurt Fruit Parfaits –   YUMMY


My first experience with these cute little things was in PC (Panama City, Fla).  GI Joe and I were attending a destination wedding for one of my best friend’s daughter’s wedding.  The morning of the wedding we had breakfast at the Bay Point Marriott restaurant where we were staying .  The Parfait was a feast for your eyes as well as scrumptious to eat.  As most hotels, the cost was HIGH.  I am so cheap in some ways.   As a Family and Consumer Science Teacher aka. Home Economics teacher anything that you can


make at home and buy elsewhere is HIGH!!   When we returned home  I started making some of those high priced PARFAITS.  They are sooo easy and sooo good.  Here ya go. 

Use any fruits that are in season ( or Frozen) for example blueberries and peaches or strawberries and bananas

Add nuts


Nonfat yogurt

Layer in a pretty glass.  PAY ATTENTION TO SERVING SIZE   Read the labels and do not use your eyes as a guide. Until you get a feel for serving sizes USE measuring cups.  You will be surprised.

That’s it for today!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks


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  1. jessica n

    this is a perfect snack its healthy easy and delicious.

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