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Sugar Coma Redux

I could not let  another fabulous Sugar Coma happen without telling you about it. The first one I did was a blast!   The wonderful Broke Socialite really out did herself.  It was an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a great way to spend some time with friends you should check out her future soirees.  I promise that you will not be dissapointed.

Now here is a recap of my Sugar Coma!    We met at Bradford’s on Bishop for lunch.  Our Sugar Momma was Run With Tweezers who has a great  blog . Check it out.

Note the bags in the back of the photo.  Yes, those were ours filled with all kinds of goodies.

Dessert was provided by Peachy Treats and Pink Cupcake Dreams.

These chocolate cupcakes filled with caramel and Yummy.

We were swept away by Atlantic LimoGa which meant having no worries about driving or parking.   We got to enjoy the drive and each other’s company.

1st stop Caryn’s Cakes

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Saturday I participated in one of a series of swanky soirees presented by The Broke Socialite.  It was so much fun!  I love doing this kind of thing.  I guess that is why I do what I do!

As a Family and Consumer Science teacher (aka Home Economics teacher) I have participated in every kind of tour.  This is just a short list:  fabric plants, cookware plants, all kinds of restaurants including kitchen tours of Joel in Atlanta and Sensi at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, culinary schools,  Julia Child’s kitchen,  all kinds of homes from the Old Governor’s Mansion, Swan House and  the Haye House.  I have had high tea at the Ritz Carlton and at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. To get my point across I have done my share of tours and this one was about the most fun I have ever had.

We started out early at 8:30!  We got our assignments to a brand spanking new Cadillac SRX  driven by @Chatterbox.  She was a wonderful driver entertaining us the entire morning.

Our first stop was No Mas Cantina for a wonderful breakfast buffet served with our choice of drink.  I chose the Mexican Hot Chocolate which was smooth and creamy and delicious.  Here are a couple of photos of what we enjoyed at No Mas Cantina.

Potatoes, Eggs over easy and Beans with Salsa

It was so good!

This is Helen writer of Sweet Tartlette.  She is a pastry chef from France and  she  enjoyed the Sugar Coma, also.   Check her blog out. Her photography is beautiful.  I really enjoyed talking with her.  Very sweet and ready to help anyone out.

Our second shop was Cacao Atlanta.  On my!  When I walked into the shop the chocolate aroma was heavenly.  We got to sample their Hot Chocolate which was by far the best that I have even had topped with homemade marshmallows.  I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.  Take a look at all the chocolate.  And another thing, Kristin knows chocolate!

Just feast your eyes on this place.  Joli Kobe had the most magnificent pastries and cakes waiting for us when we walked in the door.  Drool a bit over these.

Look at the detail here!

Now it has started to rain but just because we are in a Sugar Coma doesn’t mean we are going to melt.  We are just getting started.  We have two more stops then lunch.

This is the Cookie Studio.  It is a cute little bakery with the kitchen out there for everyone to see.  I loved this place.  It so reminded me of the bakery where I grew up and spent almost every day after school trying to decide between the cream horns or the butter cookies for a snack. One thing that happened while we were there that I thought was funny.  This older gentleman came in to pick up a beautifully wrapped package of cookies and looking around at the twenty four of us and said to me ” What in the world is going on here.”  And I said, ” We are participating in a Sugar Coma!”  I wish I had a picture of his face.  He said , “OK.”  Took his cookies and left.

Here is the menu above the cash register

Our last stop was also a cute bakery called Sweet N’Sinful.  The owner had prepared lots of her cupcakes in miniature form just for us to taste.  Of course she knew this was the last leg of our tour and we could be in a Sugar Coma!  She had to go boxes which all of us quickly filled!  Here are some more droolable ( is that a word?) photos.

We then traveled to Le Fai Do Do for lunch catered by Black Tie Barbecue.  It was fabulous!!  Even after tasting all the wonderful sweets all morning  I can say it was one of the best catered lunches I have had.  For starters we had a spring salad with strawberries and candied pecans with a wonderful dressing.  Black Tie grilled two main dishes chicken and salmon fillets.  My favorite was the salmon.  Side dishes of rice pilaf and the most wonderful bok choy that I have ever tasted.  It was to die for!!!

So that was my Sugar Coma.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Enjoy your cooking,

The Teacher Cooks


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