Sugar Coma Redux

I could not let  another fabulous Sugar Coma happen without telling you about it. The first one I did was a blast!   The wonderful Broke Socialite really out did herself.  It was an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a great way to spend some time with friends you should check out her future soirees.  I promise that you will not be dissapointed.

Now here is a recap of my Sugar Coma!    We met at Bradford’s on Bishop for lunch.  Our Sugar Momma was Run With Tweezers who has a great  blog . Check it out.

Note the bags in the back of the photo.  Yes, those were ours filled with all kinds of goodies.

Dessert was provided by Peachy Treats and Pink Cupcake Dreams.

These chocolate cupcakes filled with caramel and Yummy.

We were swept away by Atlantic LimoGa which meant having no worries about driving or parking.   We got to enjoy the drive and each other’s company.

1st stop Caryn’s Cakes

My favorite here were the Coconut Cupcakes with lemon.  They were sooo good.

2nd stop was CamiCakes

For those that are looking for a spa experience this is it. 29 Spa at  The Mansion on Peachtree.  They treated us like royality and no one wanted to leave.

4th Stop SIP the Experience

I loved this place.  Think coffee shop, but better.  They just made us feel at home and the food!  Oh my! My favorite was the Pear and Walnut Loaf.

Our last stop and to me one of the best !!! Wine Shoe featuring Melecotte and Flanboyanteats.  This was over the top.

This was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Check out The Broke Socialite it will be a day you will never forget!



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5 responses to “Sugar Coma Redux

  1. Great round up!!! So glad you had a great time. 😉 Wonderful seeing you again, as always. Look forward to the next time. 7 more days!

  2. my food porn quota has hereby been met and exceeded–sugar coma indeed!

  3. I wish I lived in Atlanta! Everything looks amazing.

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