Garlic and Cheese Drop Biscuits another Lab

Looking for an easy way to make biscuits?  This is just the recipe for you.  I don’t really think that you can mess this one up unless of course you add more milk than you should and you end up with Garlic and Cheese pancakes.  That doesn’t sound t0o appetizing does it?  I have had a couple of groups to do this!    No seriously, this is a no-fail recipe for those who are inept at kneading the dough.  In the time that it takes the oven to preheat all the grating (if you choose) and mixing can be done.  The baking time is quick, too, 8- 10 minutes.   This is a winner no matter how many times you make it.

Click here for the original post of the recipe and check out the results of our lab.  We pulled this off in our new 45 minutes of class time.  If we can do it, you surely can without a hitch.

First period Kitchen 1

First Period Kitchen 2

First Period Kitchen 3

First Period Kitchen 4

First Period Kitchen 5

First Period Kitchen 6

Second Period Kitchen 1

Second Period Kitchen 2

Second Period Kitchen 3Second Period Kitchen 4

Second Period Kitchen 5

Second Period Kitchen 6

Third Period Kitchen 1

Third Period Kitchen 2

Third Period Kitchen 3

Third Period Kitchen 4

Third Period Kitchen 5

Third Period Kitchen 6

Fourth Period Kitchen 1

Fourth Period Kitchen 2

Fourth Period Kitchen 3

Fourth Period Kitchen 4

Fourth Period Kitchen 5

Fourth Period Kitchen 6



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3 responses to “Garlic and Cheese Drop Biscuits another Lab

  1. Love the crusty outside, Wanda. Good work from all of them!

  2. they waer so good i love to makeing them its very easy

  3. Jasmine

    I learned when making cheese biscuits you just had to throw the cheese in the mix and mix it together not separate

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