An Easy Pizza Sauce and an Incredible Lab

Our first ever pizza lab was a great success.  I will have to admit that I was a little leery of doing this lab.  I even had a couple of sleepless nights thinking of everything that might go wrong and how I could plan ahead for it all to go smoothly.   Thanks to Antoine and his boss from Stevie B’s Pizza in Douglasville this lab was an incredible experience for everyone.  If you have never made homemade pizza you will be surprised at how easy it is,  how great it taste, and how much money you save!  Antoine brought in pizza dough ready to stretch out in pizza pans.  We used pans with holes in them which makes for quicker cooking and a more crisp crust.  You can find them a your local Wal-Mart.  Here’s how we did it.

The dough was covered with cornmeal so there was no need to add any flour to keep it from sticking to everyone’s hands.  Students threw the dough from hand to hand to warm it up and start the stretching process.  Once it starting stretching the dough was stretched from the center out either by holding the dough upright or laying it on the counter.  It took less than 5 minutes.  We learned quickly that you should not fold the dough over as if you were kneading it.  It would not work.  The dough worked best to start the stretching directly out of the refrigerator.  Most of my students chose to use an old standby pizza sauce recipe that came with this pan. I have used for years and it is easy and inexpensive.  I do love this recipe , but the cooking time is 30 minutes which is hard to do in a 45 minute class.  It would be hard even if we made it the day before.

Some other keys to successful pizza making are put the oven rack in the bottom third of the oven and cook at the oven’s hottest temperature which in our case was 550 degrees.  Pizza will be ready in 7-8 minutes depending on the type of pan you have.

One of the best pizzas made to me was a hot wing pizza that I want to share with you later after I try it out on my family.  It was fantastic!

Easy Pizza Sauce from REMA Bakeware

  • 1 can Tomato Puree ( 10 3/4 ounces)
  • 1/4 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons  grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 teaspoon Accent (optional)

Blend well.

This is enough sauce for 2 12 inch pizzas or one 16 inch pizza.

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Here are the results of the Pizza Cookoff:

1st Period Kitchen 1

1st Period Kitchen 2

1st Period Kitchen 3

1st Period Kitchen 4

1st Period Kitchen 5

1st Period Kitchen 6

2nd Period Kitchen 1

2nd Period Kitchen 2

2nd Period Kitchen 3

2nd Period Kitchen 4

2nd Period Kitchen 5

2nd Period Kitchen 6

3rd Period Kitchen 4

3rd Period Kitchen 5

3rd Period Kitchen 6

4th Period Kitchen 1

4th Period Kitchen 4



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91 responses to “An Easy Pizza Sauce and an Incredible Lab

  1. Evan

    The pizza was a great meal and snack idea. It took around 20-30 minutes to prepare and came out great. Doing this helped me learn how to prepare pizza dough and spread pizza sauce.

  2. victoria 1st

    i learned that there are many ways to make pizza sauce and different ways to roll out the dough

  3. Taylor Miles

    I learned that pizza crust is a lot harder to work with than i thought it was going to be

  4. haley

    The pizza lab was extremely fun! I learned how to roll out the dough to make the pizza crust.

  5. noelle welch

    I learned that if you kneed the dough without gettin all the air out it will make a crust.

  6. Case

    This pizza was good, and i learned how to spread out the dough of the pizza.

  7. Anthony Stokes

    This was the best pizza, no more ordering out, im going to start making mines from scratch!!

    I learned how to kneed the dough, and how much ingredients i would need.

  8. wayne

    i learned pizza is easy to make but if you mess up the dough it can be difficult to fix

  9. astrid vazquez

    astrid- 1st period
    i really liked the pizza… i learned that its difficult to work with the dough to make it perfect, but other than that our pizza was great (:

  10. adrea 1st period

    I learned it is very fast and easy to make pizza. sorry dominoes but your number is officially being deleted.

  11. Kaleigh Kraus

    I learned that it is better not to put so many toppings on the pizza because it will weigh down the pizza and make it messy.

  12. Courtney T.

    I learned that if the pizza dough is covered in cornmeal there is absolutely no need for flour.

  13. Angel W. 2nd pd

    When making the pizza I learned that you cant use spaghetti sauce or it will make the dough soft!

  14. Kayla W 2nd

    I learned that dough is very stretchy and if it rips it’s easy to stick it back together.

  15. Katherine lackey

    I learned that in pizza making if you put the oven rack in the bottom third of the oven and cook at the oven’s hottest temperature it will cook very quickly. This lab was so much fun!

  16. brianna blair

    I learned that making a pizza i really easy.

  17. britnee

    i learned about how yeast works and what exactly it is because before then i never knew the steps and the process it takes for the yeast to rise but i know now(:

  18. daija armstead

    i learned that you cant overwork the dough

  19. andrea brown 2nd period

    i learned that you have to be careful when you stretch it out and that it was hard to cut when it was done

  20. jada

    Didnt know you could add 1/4 teaspoon Accent

  21. Paige Horton 2nd

    I learned that you should be very careful in stretching the dough, you don’t want the pizza to be to flat.

  22. arch

    ilearned you could use all kinds of different toppings

  23. Hector Melara

    i learned that spaghetti sauce can work good on a pizza

  24. I learned not to knead the dough too much or the crust would be very thin. This was a great lab. It ended up working out really well!

  25. chelly

    omgg i had a great time makin the pizza , i learned that it doesnt matter wat type of sauce you need on the pizza

  26. cristian Valencia 3rd

    I’ve learned for the dough that we were using you didn’t have to knead the dough.

  27. Morgan Woods

    I learned that we could make a homemade pizza in 8 minutes.

  28. grayling

    When we did this lab we sort of over cooked ours, but it turned out great, we now know to leave it in for the shortest amount of time

  29. Brittany Collins

    I learned that the pizza dough we obtained was covered with cornmeal to prevent it from sticking to everyone’s hands during the lab. I also learned NOT to fold the pizza dough because it ruins it completely and you will be unable to finish your pizza.

  30. whitney hobbs

    After not only reading this recipe and article on how to prepare this awesome pizza, but also making the pizza from this recipe as well, I learned that some other keys to successful pizza making are to put the oven rack in the bottom third of the oven and cook at the oven’s hottest temperature which in our case was 550 degrees.

  31. Maryann Rodriguez 3rd

    You have to stretch the dough out tp make it the size that you need it to be!

  32. Tyler Shaw 3rd

    you dont want to add too much cheese because it will leave burn spots

  33. Beth B.

    I learned that the dough was covered in cornmeal to prevent it from sticking to the pan and our hands. And that you just had to spread the dough out and not knead it or anything, just stretch it out to the pan size.

  34. Jude Thornton

    I learned that when you have pre-made dough for pizza, you should not attempt to continue kneading it, instead you should immediately begin stretching the dough.

  35. Austin 3rd

    I learned pizza dough isnt like biscuit dough, it is more elastic and when you stretch it it wants to go back to its original form

  36. Catie Mullinax-3rd

    I learned to knead your dough really good before spread sauce on it.

  37. Sydnee 3rd

    I learned that you can make a barbeque chicken pizza and that even if yuour pizza isnt perfect circle it can still turn out rlly taste hahaha!

  38. Tiffany Swanson

    I learned from this lab that you have to put the pizza on the bottom rack. I saw that some didnt listen and they burned the bottom of theirs. Ours was amazing! 🙂

  39. Joseph Loomis

    I learned, in general, how to make pizza.

  40. Kori Howard .

    I Learned That If You Cook The Pizza With A Pan With Holes At The Bottom It Cooks Faster . The Pizza Came Out Very Well Too ! I Want To Try && Make It At Home .

  41. Payton Horton

    In this lab I learned how to stretch dough correctly and that to keep dough from sticking to your hands you have to put flour on it.

  42. Emily Cunningham 3rd

    I learned while doing this lab that it is important, especially with pizza to have the pizza on the last (usually 3rd) rack to have it closest to the heat, to cook faster and to also have it on a high temperature, depending on your oven!

  43. Kiara

    I loved making this pizza, and it tasted so good. We made the sauce and it was really good too.

  44. Trey Irving

    Finally i learned how to make pizza when i made it at my house it was great my famly wanted me to make some for them

  45. frederick welch

    I learned that if you cook the pizza on the bottom third of the oven it will help it cook faster.

  46. courtney vasquez

    i learned the homade sauce if better than the pizza sauce from the jar. it has way more flavor.

  47. Rebecca D. 4th

    I learned that you have to cook the pizza at the highest temperature the oven will go.

  48. Nikki Burns Lupo 4th block

    i learned that if you put the oven on its hottest temperature than the pizza will cook quicker.

  49. tahir f.

    i learned that i should have the pizza at the bottom rack of the oven

  50. regan 4th

    you can’t stretch the dough a lot

  51. Cole Small

    I learned that you must roll out the dough very carefully or the pizza will come out dull.

  52. Rebecca Bass

    I learned that if you put too much sauce on it then the bottom of the pizza will fall and all your toppings will come off.



  54. Jameshia Broome

    I have learned that it is very easy to make a pizza at home that doesn’t really take long to cook.

  55. Audrey Carroll 4th

    I learned you have to have ¼ teaspoon of oregano

  56. Ali

    I didnt know that you could use so much cheese on one pizza!! it turned out very greasy but still very good!!

  57. jamile h

    I learned that you have to use a pan with holes in it for the pizza to cook faster. I also learned that you have to spread the dough just right for the pizza to rise.

  58. morganbarnwell 4th

    during this lab, i learned that you have to be careful with pizza sauce. too much and it will weigh your pizza down!

  59. Jorman Gonzalez

    this was a great lab, i learned so much from this, i even begged my mom to get pizza dough and other ingredients to make this pizza. i finally learned how to make homemade pizza

  60. jaredumiller 4th

    I learned from this lab that when you put to much peporoni on you pizza it falls apart. I also learned an easy make the dough.

  61. Chelsea T. 4th.

    During the pizza lab I learned how to form the dough for a pizza. I already knew how to make sauce, put sauce on the pizza and add toppings; but I never learned how to actual form the dough for the crust. Over all the lab was fun and I learned how to make home made pizza.

  62. morgan h

    i thought it took a lot longer to cook pizza

  63. Leslie Ventura 4th

    I learned that to cook the pizza you should put the pan on the bottom rack of the oven.

  64. melijah mason

    i didnt know you could put cornmealon the dough.

  65. Raenah B.

    When making this I learned to grease the pizza pan before laying the dough on it.

  66. travis platt

    it is easier to make a pizza if you have everything ready to cook with. Making a homemade pizza not too hard. i learned to kneed and stretch the dough!

  67. madison hayes

    I learned that you can make pizza with pesto and regular sauce and it still be good

  68. DS1st

    I loved making this (kitchen 6 is the best 🙂
    I had no idea dough was so hard to roll out though, much respect to the cooks at the pizza places and more power to you because that dough is not a force to be recon with!!!!

  69. Bria Roberts

    I learned that you wernt supposed to put alot of flour on the dough when making it.

  70. Maeghan D

    I learned that when you cook at the oven’s hottest temperature, it cooks the pizza much faster .

  71. alina m

    i learned if you accidentally rip a hole in your dough you can cover it with the dough around it and it will work just as well.

  72. Jackie

    Making this pizza was very fun, I learned that the thinner the dough is on the bottom of the pizza the less sauce and toppings you need too put on it. It will weigh the pizza down and the toppings will slide off.

  73. astrid vazquez

    astrid 1st
    from this pizza lab i learned that you have to knee the dough very well, but not too much so it can come out perfect…

  74. Anna Acker 4th Period

    This pizza was so good! I learned not to use a lot of pizza sauce because it can make the pizza very soggy.

  75. olivia4thalbanese

    i leanred not to use so much pizza sause or your pizza will come out soggy and the toppings will slide right off.

  76. Olivia Walker

    I learned that when you are working the pizza dough you have to work it around the edges of the dough not in the middle.

  77. Destiny W.

    This pizza was absolutely taseful! I learned not to use too much cheese because it will weigh the pizza down.

  78. janasia

    i learned in order to have good pizza you have to have the right cheese.

  79. Kyle 1st

    I learned that while kneeding the dough you shouldn’t touch it very much.

  80. Taylor MIles

    i learned that kneading the dough was a very important part of making the pizza

  81. Yanexy

    The pizza was great, and i learned that theirs only a 1/4 teaspoon basil

  82. amanda ricciardi 1st

    In this lab, I learned that you can’t handle the dough too much or it won’t turn out like a pizza!

  83. Ivry

    I learned that you should not knead the dough too much or it will start to tear apart.This was a good and successful lab.

  84. Mary DePaola

    I learned that if you tear a whole in the dough you can cover it up with other dough.

  85. morgan jones 3rd period

    i learn that you need to blend the sauce well

  86. Antione

    pizza is a simple and fun thing to make with friends. just remember to handle your dough with care!

  87. Tyra Alston 3rd

    I learned that if you handle the dough too much, the pizza will not turn out right. I also learned that you are not supposed to fold over the dough because it wont stick together.

  88. Mello!

    I learned that you can tear the dough if you pull to much

  89. logan

    use a pan with holes in it so it can cook faster.

  90. nijah

    you cant over work the dough

  91. justin

    this recipe was influenced by stevie b’s in douglasville

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