White Lily’s Biscuit Recipe and a Lab

Biscuit making always floods my mind with childhood memories of watching my mother put together a beautiful pan of biscuits.  They were perfectly rolled out with her hands into small mounds of fluffy white dough that when baked would just seem to melt in your mouth.  When I was about 13 I tried my best to make them the same way, but mine were anything but fluffy.  You could best describe them as rock hard!

It took me awhile but I did get the hang of it.  In my classroom when teaching the art of biscuit making I give them as many tips as I possibly can so that they can be successful.  Some this semester were better than others, but most of the results were excellent.  It takes awhile to get the concept of rolling the dough out without handling it too much and adding too much flour.  In a couple of more tries they will all be able to put some great biscuits on their table.  I’m guessing there will be some proud parents.  Not everyone can make good biscuits!

Check out the results here and tell me what you think about my new biscuit makers.  If you are interested in the steps for making good biscuits and the White Lily recipe that I use check it out here.

You might be interested in these biscuits:

The results of the White Lily Biscuit Bake-Off

Here are the wonderful biscuits from 1st Period:

1st Period Kitchen 1

1st Period Kitchen 2

1st Period Kitchen 3

1st Period Kitchen 4

1st Period Kitchen 5

1st Period Kitchen 6

Now here are 2nd Period’s wonderful biscuits:

2nd Period Kitchen 1

2nd Period Kitchen 2

2nd Period Kitchen 3

2nd Period Kitchen 4

2nd Period Kitchen 5

2nd Period Kitchen 6

The results of 3rd Period’s  fabulous biscuit making :

3rd Period Kitchen 1

3rd Period Kitchen 2

3rd Period Kitchen 3

3rd Period Kitchen 4

3rd Period Kitchen 5

3rd Period Kitchen 6

Fourth Period’s beautiful biscuits:

4th Period Kitchen 1

4th Period Kitchen 2

4th Period Kitchen 3

4th Period Kitchen 4

4th Period Kitchen 5

4th Period Kitchen 6



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55 responses to “White Lily’s Biscuit Recipe and a Lab

  1. Vera

    I think it is so fantastic that you are teaching kids lifelong skills!!! It seems to be lost in so many schools due to the overemphasis on testing. Keep up the good work!!! I hope I can find White Lily flour in my area. Wonder if Gold Medal self-rising flour would work if I can’t find White Lily……

  2. Keiara

    I learned that if you over knead the dough the biscuits will not come out right.

  3. Kayla Williams 2nd period

    I learned that you have to put a lot of flour on your hands so the dough doesn’t stick.

  4. Hector Melara

    i learned how to knead the dough

  5. cristian Valencia 3rd

    I learned that you should use self-rising flour.

  6. Morgan Barnwell 4th

    While making these biscuits, i learned how to cooperate with others in the kitchen, as well as how to set the timer and make sure the timer is set. A minute too long could result in hard biscuits, so the importance of time was also learned.

  7. olivia4thalbanese

    i learned to make sure you use the right tool to them and to make sure when shaping dough to flatten tops.

  8. Ali Nayeem

    I think these turned out very good and very crispy.

  9. Chelsea T. 4th.

    During the lab and demonstration I learned that the amount of flour used while kneading the dough can affect how the biscuits look after they come out of the over. If you use too much flour then the biscuits will look white on top, but I learned that you can spread butter over the top to make them turn a golden brown color.

  10. Ashton M- 1st Period

    Through this lab I learned that self-rising flour rises in 2 stages: once before cooking and then again while in the oven. They turned out great! 🙂

  11. victoria jett

    i learned that you have to cut the shortening into the flour

  12. Noelle 1st

    The less you knead the dough the better the biscuit. You do not need to knead the dough too much.

  13. tyler

    I learned you have to pre-heat the oven first!

  14. grace wilemon 2nd

    you cant put many jams and jellies on these biquits. they were very easy to make once watching mrs. lupo she explained it very well, i learned alot

  15. taylor Miles

    I learned how to knead dough

  16. Haley J

    I learned that you must roll the dough out without handling it too much. You must not use too much flour. You have to cut the shortening into flour.

  17. Evan Foerster

    The biscuits were a great meal that werent hard to make. In this lab i learned how to properly knead dough and how to cut out biscuits.

  18. Kaley

    Kaley 1st pd.- I learned that you can’t use too much flour when needing the dough or your biscuits won’t be very light.

  19. Kaley

    I meant “kneading” not “needing”. I can spell, I promise.

  20. case munro

    I learned biscuits taste a lot better with a little bit of butter spread across the top.

  21. janasia spruill

    i learned that you cant handle the dough too much.

  22. Destiny 1st pd

    These biscuits were very delicious and I learned how to knead biscuit dough.

  23. Ali 2nd period

    I learned that you do not need to handle the dough so much because it will not turn out as fluffy like it should.

  24. I learned that you should put flour on your hands before kneading the dough to help make the dough less sticky

  25. Kaleigh Kraus

    That it is better to use a biscuit cutter instead of a glass therefore the sides will have room to rise.

  26. Amber Pirkle

    I learned not to knead too much and to mix in too much flour while kneading.

  27. adrea 1st period

    I learned you have to cut shortening into the dough.

  28. Angel W. 2nd pd.

    I learned that when you cut the biscuits do not use a glass or the biscuits will not rise correctly.

  29. Katherine Lackey

    4. With these biscuits I learned that you can use either buttermilk or regular milk! These were so delicious!

  30. Bria 1st period

    I learned that its not good to put alot of flour in the dough when its being kneaded.

  31. Paige Horton 2nd

    What I learned from this lab is that you don’t need to knead the dough that much and biscuits are great with a side of sausage.

  32. Sydnee Council 3rd period

    I lovedc making these bsicuits!!! And i learned to nhot use toom much flour because it can make the biscuits hard.

  33. Rodriguez, Maryann 3rd.

    I learned that you have to knead the dough well! and you dont have to sift your flour!

  34. Mary DePaola

    I learned that you cant cut then in circles with a glass because it will pinch the dough together and it wont rise as well.

  35. Tyler Shaw 3rd

    i learned how to make buscuits

  36. Anna Acker

    I learned how to roll the dough without handling it too much, and I also learned to put flour on your hands so it won’t stick and make it all messy.

  37. melijah mason

    The biscuits turned out very good. I learned not to put so much flour.

  38. tahir f.

    i learned how to make my biscuits fluffier

  39. jamile h

    I learned that if you handle the dough to much then your biscuits will be to tough.

  40. travis a platt

    this would be good with some eggs and bacon!

  41. arkell evans 4th period

    I learned that when handling biscuit dough that it’s better to flour your hands so it won’t get sticky.

  42. maeghan d.

    i learned that when you use a cookie or biscuit cutter, dip it into flour that way it doesnt stick to the dough. i also learned to keep flour on your hands that way you dont get alot of dough on yourself.

  43. Brianna Oliver

    Those Biscuits were Yummy! Im 3rd period Kitchen 4 :] I learned how to knead the dough!

  44. Emily Cunningham 3rd

    By doing the Biscuit Lab, I learned that you need to grease the pan you are cooking with before putting your mixtures in it! Greasing the pan will prevent the food from sticking to the pan after you cook it.

  45. Olivia S

    I learned that you should use a pastry blender to cut crisco into the flour because it makes the biscuits soft and flaky.

  46. nikki burns lupo 4th block

    i learned not to knead the dough to much.

  47. morgan jones

    I learned that you have to use a pastry blender to cut up the Crisco in the flour

  48. Beth B

    I learned that it takes practice to make a good biscuit

  49. ANTIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i learned to put water in the unused parts of the pan to prevent the pan from messing up.

  50. jamile

    i learned that if you handle the dough to much the buscuit will come out tough.

  51. Anthony Stokes

    I learned on bisquits that if you put them close to each other they will turn out the be soft and not so rough on the edges.

  52. travis platt

    i learned to put water in the unused pan wholes

  53. RaShunda Stephens

    i learned that if you knead the dough too much, your finished product will not be very soft.

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