Cinnamon Roll Lab

1st Block Kitchen 1

If you’re in a hurry making Cinnamon Rolls from biscuit dough is the way to go.  It is quick to put together and taste so good.  This group of students had no big problems  putting these things together.  A couple of groups still need to work of kneading the dough.  They haven’t quite got the knack of how much to handle it to make the end product light and fluffy.  But, I really can’t complain because they were all better than usual.  I had none that could break out windows.

Here are the results for you to judge for yourself.  If you want to make them yourself  here is the Biscuit recipe and from there can make the variation of Cinnamon rolls here.

1st Block Kitchen 2

1st Block Kitchen 3

1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 5

1st Block Kitchen 6

2nd Block Kitchen 1

2nd Block Kitchen 2

2nd Block Kitchen 3

2nd Block Kitchen 4

2nd Block Kitchen 5

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44 responses to “Cinnamon Roll Lab

  1. although i’m pretty keen on the flaky, pastry dough-type cinnamon rolls, a biscuit-y batch will never be turned down. when it comes to cinnamon rolls, i don’t discriminate. 🙂

  2. jessica n

    When baking the rolls, putting them closer together makes the outsides much softer.

  3. charity

    I learned if you put too much flour in the batter the cinnamon roll will taste like biscuits!!!

  4. alex

    The cinnamon roll lab was very good! I didn’t even realize that you could make cinnamon rolls from scratch.. and then still be delicious. Although ours tasted more like biscuits with icing on them, they were still good. But I think next time we need a little more cinnamon and sugar (:

  5. candiace

    these cinnamon rolls were very tasty and easy to make!!

  6. Cierra Portis

    The cinnanmon rolls were a delight to my taste buds and would be something I would really like to make for myself at home

  7. Kaylon Hendrix

    Although it takes a little more time than the regular “pop and go” cinnamon rolls, it was time well spent because they tasted delicious. You have to be very precise in kneading them though, that way they won’t come out too tough! Very good!

  8. Viviana D.

    I learned that if you place the cinnamon rolls close together it will make the outside soft and i also learned that if you knead the dough to much they can turn out hard.

  9. Kaitlyn C *

    i learned that , if you add to much milk , they wont stick when you try to roll it , and if you add to little , they come out dry

  10. Amber W

    These cinnamon rolls were quick and easy. I loved them! I will start making these at home instead of the ones out of a can 🙂

  11. Summer B.

    I learned if you want the perfect soft cinnamon roll you have to put them close together while baking them. I enjoyed this lad very much and i went home that day and made some for my parents and friends.

  12. making cinnamon rolls from scratch are easy and quick and good to eat

  13. chelsea mannle

    The cinnamon rolls were delicious ! I loved them even though they were difficult to make, Im very happy I learned to cook them from scratch, so now I can cook them for my family ! 🙂

  14. Rebecca McConnell

    I learned when making the icing to be aware of how much milk you add, it takes very little and if you add to much it will be very runny.

  15. miracle

    I usually would prefer to buy cinnamons out of a can but making them from scratch is also great it taste just as good! I learned that using too much flour would make the cinnamon rolls taste like biscuits, so you should measure your ingredients accurately

  16. edwin

    I learned that if you cut your rolls thicker your cinnamon rolls will rise more.

  17. natasha


  18. jessica v

    the cinnamon rolls were very good! but i realized that you really have to be a good “kneader’ to have your rolls come out just right.

  19. i learned that you are not supposed to knead your dough to much or it will turn out dry

  20. Katie

    I learned that if you add to much flour it will make the cinnamon rolls taste like biscuits.

  21. kassie harmon

    i really had fun doing this lab 🙂 and i know that this will b a recipe that i will remember

  22. sandrella

    I made this at home twice already and ilearned that if you knead the dough to much we will have tough cinnoman rolls

  23. lauren bowman

    i learned how to make icing.

  24. Jordan Griffin 2nd block

    I learned that you cannot knead the dough too much.

  25. Jasmine Jones

    I learned that when rolling the dough don’t worry about making a hole just pinch it back together. Annnndd I learned that if you don’t flour your hands the dough will stick.

  26. Sarah M.

    Even though I wasnt there for the lab, I still learned that you can make cinnamon rolls out of biscuit dough….I didnt know that

  27. Brooke H

    This lab was interesting, next time i make cinammon rolls i’ll make sure i don’t add too much flour.

  28. carmen G

    i learned that if you add too much flour your cinnamon rolls wont taste to good!

  29. Katie Johnson

    The cinnamon rolls were really good. It was so much fun orking with my group (like usual). the only thing I think we could have done different is added less sugar and more cinnamon. They are REALLY sweet. (:

  30. Chelsea Pirkle

    I learned that you dont need to freak out if you dont use enough flour when kneading because you can always add more.

  31. melissa cuevas

    i learned to be careful when making the icing, to not make in watery. these cinnomon rolls were quick, yummy, and easy!

  32. Marty_1st period

    Cinnamon rolls were great to make. It was real easy to make had lots of fun waiting for them to come out the oven cause you didnt know what to except.

  33. ashtonk

    making these are just like making buscuits, you just add cinnamon and roll up the dough

  34. breana hemming

    i learned how to make a wonderfull treat and i csant wait to make them at home

  35. Marty_2nd period

    My favorite part was watching the icing being poured on the cinnamon rolls. Cause the wait you didnt except for them to come out as good as they were.

  36. jasmin melara

    this was a great lab and i learned that if you need it too much it won’t turn out good. and you also have to roll it up pretty tightly or it will fall apart

  37. julie o

    i learned that you have to knead the dough you have to be careful how you do it.

  38. Marty_2nd period

    Favorite part was watching the icing being poured on the cinnamon rolls.

  39. brittany h block 2

    I leanred that you could use biscuit material for cinamon rolls.

  40. This is something I have never done. Brilliant. Definitely in! Kids would love this!!! Good for you!

  41. Marissa 1st period

    When baking cinnamon rolls you have to make sure you roll the dough up tight so when you cut into it to place the rolls in the pan, the sugar and cinnamon on the inside don’t fall out. Also if you want rolls with softer edges put them close together in the pan but if you want crunchier edges spread them apart.

  42. galia sayyar

    I learned that you can’t knead the dough too many times because the more you knead it, the less flexible it gets and it becomes almost rubbery !

  43. Gifty

    It was fun making these it was very helpful to know not to knead the dough too much because it becomes tough

  44. patrick hogan

    i learned to be careful while making the icing, because you can easily add too many ingredients or easily forget some

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