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The Winners for Pancake of the Day……

!st Place Winner is 2nd Block Kitchen 1

Lab days are exciting for the students.  Who wouldn’t be excited?  They are cooking breakfast for themselves and their friends.  They serve it, sit down and enjoy it.  Words cannot describe how proud they are to accomplish this task.  Just setting the table is a work of art for some.  Most of them eat in front of the TV or to my horror in their bedroom alone.  So this is a great thing for them sitting down at a table with what I call a family.  Ninety percent of them want to ask a teacher to eat with them and it is not just for the extra credit.  It is to show the teacher what they can do.  It is not just any teacher they invite.  I have found that it is the caring teachers that really go out of their way to show how much they love their job of teaching  high school students.

Preparing food — It does so much more than fuel our body.  It fuels our soul!  

With that said let’s get to the important stuff.  Cast your vote this weekend for the best pancakes of the day.   I know it is a hard choice this time.  Good luck to all.

Happy Cooking, 

The Teacher Cooks 

2nd Place Winner !st Block Kitchen 4



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Blueberry Pancakes with Honey and Butter

These are absolutely the best pancakes that I have ever made.  The tangy taste of the pancake with the honey and butter is perfect! 

This is the third time today that I have prepared pancakes.  I know I am a crazy cook!  Not really.  I just walked out of the door without my camera this morning.  I’m really glad that I forgot it otherwise I would not have made this combination.   

In class today I used one of the variations of pancakes on the Bisquick box that makes a light and fluffy texture.  I added very large frozen blueberries which thawed as I mixed the pancakes.  As they came off the griddle I dusted them with powdered sugar.  They were devoured by the starving teens that were left with chins that sparkled with sugar dust. 

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