Fruit Pizza – Top Chef Lab

You are Top Chef

You are Top Chef

Today was an amazing lab.  It was as if every group was competing for Top Chef.  First block you could hear a pin drop as they were hovered over their fruit precisely cutting  to make an intricate design.  Most all of the groups worked to their full potential . You can see this when viewing  the photos.  FANTASTIC!!!

 I think this recipe or one close to it  is posted everywhere.  In class yesterday we were trying  to find ideas for putting the pizza together and there were hundreds of them.  Some good and some very bad.  I am still trying to wrap my brain around the “Kitty Litter Cake”!  To each his own.

Here are the instructions for putting the work of art together.

Crust –  Slice 1 roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough into 1/4 in. slices.  Use all the dough.  Place into a well greased pizza pan.  DO NOT mash to cover the pan.  As the dough rises in the oven it will cover the pan.  Bake at 350- 375 degrees for 15 – 20 min. or until golden brown.  It will be puffy when you take it out.  Don’t worry it will flatten quickly. Cool completely.  ( We put ours in the freezer to chill)

Frosting –  Mix 8 oz. of softened cream cheese with 1/4 cup powdered sugar.

Frost the cookie dough leaving about 1/2 of cookie around the edge.

Place your favorite fruits of the top .  Refer to the photos.  Some fruits make a better choice than others.  A good combination is strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and peaches.  Be careful to choose colors that will pop on the frosting.

Slice and enjoy.    

Here is the Second Place winner.  Congratulations to you both.  Great job!!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks

Beautiful Work!

Beautiful Work!



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70 responses to “Fruit Pizza – Top Chef Lab

  1. Ashley Kendrick

    I’ve never had fruit pizza until I made it in this class. It was so good. It’s also really easy to make. 🙂

  2. brandy adams

    that fruit pizza was sooooo good….. i think im going to make some when i get home from school today.

  3. Erin

    The fruit pizza was so sweet. It makes a great dessert.

  4. It tasted just as god as it looks (:

  5. Haylee W

    I learned that mixing cream cheese with sugar, will give you a very sweet taste with less calories. 🙂

  6. Brittany - 1st period.

    I learned that it’s quite simple to make, and that you mix cream cheese and sugar, and that it turns our heavenly 🙂

  7. danielle

    i learned that this was very very delicious and i loved the “frosting” on it.

  8. anna 1st

    I am really upset i missed out on this one! but I learned from reading that you should use fruits that will pop together on the frosting.

  9. Alexis A

    I learned that the way you sort fruits on your pizza is essential. Also that you use cream cheese for the frosting mixed with powder sugar; I didn’t think that it would be good at first.

  10. chasitywilson

    i leaned you can put any type of fruit on here and it taste good and you can cut the cook shape out and it spread out just right

  11. Tatiana G 1st period

    I didnt know you can use sugar cookie dough as a crust and the fruits were a great topping

  12. Rachel S.

    I learned that the cookie dough will spread out while it’s cooking.

  13. tommie 1st

    I learned not to mash the cookie dough that it will come together in the oven.

  14. Abby T.

    i learned that you can use sugar dough to make a great sweet crust.

  15. Tyrone

    i learned that you should not mash the cookie dough together and that it will come together in the oven.

  16. Marianna

    I learned that fruit pizza is really good and healthy…I think, but the cookie dough was a little fattening.

  17. Vaida R

    I learned that you can put cookie dough in the freezer to cool it much faster!

  18. Levi Atkinson

    fruit pizza i learned alot from the demo, my instructor made the recipe and directions very clear; when the meal was done it was outstandingly gorgeous and was tasting very scrumptious.

  19. Naomi

    I learned you can make frosting by mixing cream cheese and powder sugar.

  20. Sarah J

    This was delicious 🙂 . I learned that if you add powdered sugar in the cream cheese it makes it sweet and yummy!

  21. tania

    i learned that you dont mash the dough to cover the pan.

  22. amy w

    i learned that you can use the sugar cookie dough to make a sweet, SEMI healthy delicious snack/desert!

  23. Lexxi J

    Oh wow! I learned that your fruit pizza can have any type of design to make it look fabulous!

  24. Tori B. 2nd

    Adding suagr to the cream cheese made me a bit leary at first but it turned out delicious!

  25. courtney e

    this was so good and is so easy to make and i learned that you dont have to slave in the kitchen to make something that looks and tastes this good

  26. kim s.

    i learned that this was one of the quickest recipes to make

  27. Sasha W.

    I learned that fruit pizza is a very healthy treat.

  28. cynthia I

    I learned you can use cream cheese original or strawberry cream cheese for the spread on the pizza

  29. erika

    this was a great experience for me

  30. Kamryn 1st

    This was my all time favorite! i learned that you can use sugar cookies as the crust.

  31. Rebecca McConnell

    I learned a new way to make icing. This has to be one of the prettiest pizzas ive ever seen 🙂

  32. Alex

    This is something pretty easy to put this together, and a great snack or dessert. I also didnt realize that fruit, cream cheese, and cookies would be a good mixture, but this was actually very good!

  33. jessica n

    you have to be sure about cooking the cookie dough or it will become hard.

  34. candiace

    This was really good. I learned that you can use cream chesse and other things to spread on the pizza, and is very quick to make.

  35. Chelsea M.

    I was sick during this recipe, but it looks very tasty!

  36. Cierra Portis

    I loved the fruit pizza it was a thrill for my taste buds and now that I know how to make it, I will be eating alot of eat.

  37. this was excellent i learned that you need to have the oven on the right temp or the dough wont be soft

  38. natasha

    this was really delicious … and something new

  39. sandrella

    i loved it . iwill be making this at home

  40. Viviana D.

    If you put the cookie dough in the freezer cna cool faster and if you mix sugar and cream cheese you get a sweet flavor.

  41. Marissa- 1st period

    I wasn’t here when the fruit pizza was made but it looks like it tasted pretty good. I learned from the recipe that you can make icing with cream cheese and powdered sugar and also you can choose any kind of friut to put on the pizza.

  42. jessica v.

    i learned that you can add whatever fruit you want and it taste can even buy canned pine apple and it still be the same as fresh

  43. kassie

    i learned that you didnt have to use dough like a pizza dough inorder to make a pizza, and that you could use cookie dough instead 🙂

  44. Kaitlyn

    i Learned That, i Like The Cookie ( Crust ) Crunchy ;P

  45. Miracle

    The fruit pizza was great; I never had one before so I learned how to make one from scratch!

  46. amber w.

    i learned that the cookie dough will come together in the oven. you dont have to smash it together. i also learned that fruit that isnt in season doesnt taste that good.

  47. Summer Bailey

    i learned how to make the topping from cream cheese and powerdered sugar, even though i was here for the demo it seems like it would of been great!

  48. Alison C*

    I learned that you don’t have to mash the cookie dough to make it cover the pan.

  49. Gifty

    Although i wasnt here for this lab i looked at the recipe and it was different from how my aunt makes it , this time the pizza was made with cookie doughh and mine is made with graham cracker crust so this dish is pretty versatile

  50. Jordan Griffin 2nd black

    I learned that you dont mush the cookie dough together.

  51. Lindsey Harley

    I learned you can make frosting by mixing cream cheese and powder sugar.

  52. carmen

    i learned how to make cream cheese!

  53. chelsea pirkle

    i have never had fruit pizza before but i learned that you should use fruit that go together.

  54. julie

    i learned how to make one from scratch and all the differnet types of fruits i can use

  55. Katie Johnson

    This was ONE of the best things she cooked! I wish that our class could have made it! It was sooo good! she taught us how to buy fruits such as Kiwi, Grapes, and when it’s the best time to buy it. she also taught us how to buy canned fuit.

  56. Jasmine J.

    Just mixing cream cheesse and sugar you can make a great frosting, and it’s a different kind of pizza with a cookie, and friut!

  57. breana h

    i loved this even though i did not get to eat it like everyone else sense im alergic to peaches

  58. Galia Sayyar

    i learned that the dough will cover the pan as it rises so you do not need to mash it to fit the pan

  59. marty-2nd period

    I never will came across to making pizza and putting fruit on it. Great combination because its not what you expected it turn out very delicious.

  60. Patrick Hogan

    although we did this recipe as a demo, i still learned a lot… i never would have the guts to try this by myself but after seeing you do this, it gives me encouragement!

  61. jasmin m

    i didnt get to eat this but it still looks really good and i never would have put cream cheese in it but i will try it

  62. Sarah Michalke

    I learned that you don’t have to mash all the cookie dough together, cuz it’ll spread on its own.

  63. ashton k

    this looks so good!! i learned its healthier than regular pizza

  64. brittany h. 2nd block

    i never knew there was even such a thing as fruit pizza like this and that cinnamon cookies could be used in a way like that.

  65. brittany h. 2nd block

    meant sugar cookies haha.

  66. Brittany Smith

    I learned that you can create cool designs with any fruit you want and it will still taste great!!!!!!

  67. Kaylon Hendrix

    At first I thought the idea of this would be disgusting, but I gave it a chance and it was wonderful. It is very easy to over cook the cookie dough, and the pizza will turn out crunchy, but some prefer it that way, either way its a very fun lab, and so enjoyable to eat 🙂

  68. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I learned that you can add any type of fruit you want. Everyone can add one of their favorite types of fruit in this dish. 🙂

  69. charity


  70. gabby c. 1st per., 2nd sem.

    Fruit pizza would make an excellent snack for kids. This pizza looks and taste delicious, this is one for those recipes where you can give and take ingredents here and there. Meaning if you don’t like the fruit someone else uses you can put what ever it is that you would love to have on it and take off what you don’t like.

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