Fruit Pizza Coming Up! Please Vote Here for the BEST!


Here's what we are cooking in our lab.


I need your help.  The pizza at the top is the one I made.  OK, my students have trumped mine.  That is a good thing, though. 

Please view the photos that follow and pick the best Fruit Pizza. 

 Write your choice in the comment section along with why it is your choice.  

Please only 1 vote per person. 

The winner will be have their photo at the top of the post.  The top two will get extra credit on our test next week on NUTRIENTS, which is pretty hard.

Have a great weekend,

The Teacher Cooks



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26 responses to “Fruit Pizza Coming Up! Please Vote Here for the BEST!

  1. Jennifer Pham

    My favorite is Table 5 1st Period. They are the best because the colors are great and the coordination of the strawberries and kiwis are great.

  2. Nuong Nguyen

    My favorite is Table 5 1st Period because i love the way it looks and it looks very delicious.

  3. Jonathan Pham

    I like table 5 1st period because the arrangement is great.

  4. Tom Pham

    I love table 5 1st period. They look great and i would like to taste it.

  5. Nghia Pham

    I love table 5 1st period because they are very talented in arranging the fruit on the pizza.

  6. Mike Bedosky

    I like Table 5 1st Period because the pizza was very appealing to the eye. I would have liked to have sat down and enjoyed the delectable pizza that is presented here.

  7. Kaitlyn Black

    I liked Table 5 1st period the best. Their fruit pizza was presented nicely.

  8. Brooke Maryniak

    If this is where we vote, I want to vote for kitchen 4 in second period 🙂

  9. Will Hembree

    I thought that block 2 kitchen 4 was awesome, I vote for that one.

  10. Mason Barge

    I really liked the pattern of block 2 kitchen 4. I vote for that one.

  11. Greg Robinson

    My favorite pizza was the block 2-Kitchen 4, it was unique yet quite simple. I vote for it.

  12. Kathy Sheriff

    2nd block kitchen four, most original design

  13. Jill

    2nd block kitchen 4- visually pleasing arrangement of the fruits.

  14. Kimberly Sheriff

    2nd block kitchen 4

    I like the design with the fruit.

  15. I’m torn! I think I’d probably want to eat 2nd block kitchen 5’s pizza the most…it’s loaded with fruit! Delicious!
    However, I love the look of 2nd block kitchen 4’s pizza. So creative, and good looking food always tastes best, right?

  16. Yesica Melchor

    I didn’t know we could use cookie dough to make fruit pizza! i loved this lab and I think 2nd block kitchen 4 had the best design!

  17. wow. i love table 6 in your 1ST period. it looks sooo….. good.


    2nd Block Kitchen 4 is the best cuz yesi made it

  19. Elizabeth

    These were so much fun to make. And we got to show off a much more creative side to us all. And for there being only two of us, we did great!

  20. Allie

    I loved making these in class! After this it became my favorite dessert. Colorful and Delicious!

  21. Lady Jane

    Does Kitchen 5 have lots of friends? They seem to come out on top pretty frequently. I actually liked most of the others better in this particular contest (theirs wasn’t bad, just liked most of the others better)

  22. Jessica

    The fruit pizza would have to be my absolute favorite not only do i enjoy fruits but crem cheese and sugar cookies just makes a delicious meal :).

  23. Chelsea M

    I learned that you can use sugar cookies as a pizza crust.

  24. erika

    I loved this fruit pizza it was so delicious. I’m really going to make it for my mother one of these days.

  25. Brooke H

    I can’t wait to make this at home, i love fruits and i learned how to make a colorful pizza.

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