1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 4

8 responses to “1st Block Kitchen 4

  1. Jessica

    Well since i cant post any comments on the main picture i am going to say deff.. this one because we were the only group in first period who used blueberrys and added more color:).

  2. Merari

    I like this group their design is unique.

  3. Diane

    Well since this is my daughter jessica’s groups fruit pizza i will have to vote for them all she ever talks about is getting first picture.. i believe her group deserves it this time.

  4. Yazmin

    I like this table’s fruit pizza they use great color contrasts.

  5. Jacob

    Delicious!my choice for the best

  6. Jose

    it looks really well done

  7. Kim

    it looks great, i vote for this one

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