Cinnamon Rolls


Awesome Group Work!

Awesome Group Work!

The smell of warm cinnamon rolls permeated the halls of our school today.  You can imagine how many visitors I had popping their heads or their bodies into my classroom to find out what we were cooking that smelled so delicious.  This was the second time for my chicklets to use biscuit dough.   They did very well.   You can try these for yourself if you are in the mood for cinnamon rolls and do not have the time to make the yeast roll variety.  These can be rolled out and cut in less than 15 minutes.  Can’t you just taste  them now along with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast?    Come on, if you can make biscuit dough you can make these easily.

How do you make these wonderful rolls?  Well, if you have mastered my post “Making Biscuits From Scratch”  you can do this.  After rolling out the dough into a rectangle a little smaller than a 9 x 13 inch pan, spread 1/4 cup granulated sugar mixed with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  Here is a photo.

Rolled dough with cinnamon and sugar

Rolled dough with cinnamon and sugar

  • Starting on the long side of the dough roll the dough up tightly. 
  •  Pinch the dough together when you get to the end. 
  • This dough is very forgiving.  If it sticks to the wax paper just take a straight edge spatula and push the dough toward the roll.  Pinch holes that you might make together.   
  • The diameter of the roll should be the same from end to end. Push the ends toward the middle to shorten the roll.  This should help with the diameter.
Roll dough jellyroll style

Roll dough jellyroll style

Now here is a trick I learned from some cookbook.  Use dental floss to cut the dough.  Pull off about 10 inches and hold the floss the same way you would when flossing teeth.  Place the floss under the dough and pull together quickly to cut.  This will keep your rolls nice and round.  See the photo.

Place floss under the dough and pull to middle

Place floss under the dough and pull to middle

Cutting through the dough

Cutting through the dough

Place in a 9×13 inch lightly greased pan.  Bake at 425 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Place in pan to bake

Place in pan to bake

When you take them out of the oven ice them with a heaping cup of powdered sugar mixed with just enough milk for the correct consistency.  Usually it takes about 1-2 tablespoons.  You can flavor with vanilla, lemon, orange, or almond flavoring.  Serve hot.

Here is what we cooked up today.  You take a look while I head to the gym after tasting 12 of these wonderful little things!!

These were very good!

These were very good!

You are all sweethearts!

You are all sweethearts!

These are bakery style!

These are bakery style!

I love your group effort!

I love your group effort!

Very Good! Where's the Bacon?

Very Good!

Strawberry icing was fantastic!!!!

Strawberry icing was fantastic!!!!

Excellent work!

Excellent work!

Tasted very good!

Tasted very good!

Great!  Where is the bacon?

Great! Where is the bacon?

Picture Perfect!

Picture Perfect!

What a pan of rolls!!!

What a pan of rolls!!!

Happy cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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42 responses to “Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Ana Negrete

    Kitchen 4’s cinnamon rolls look YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley Maryniak

    I didn’t know that you can cut cinnamon rolls with a thread! It was a lot easier than trying to cut it with a knife.

  3. From reading this recipe i learned how to cut the dough with thread.

  4. Jennifer Pham

    I tried the cinnamon rolls at home and they were great. When cutting with the thread, they came out better than cutting with a knife. It did not squish the dough at all. 🙂

  5. Carly Hart

    I had NO idea that you could cut dough with a piece of thread, and when you told us to cut it with that, I thought that was insane! But turns out, that works much better than cutting it with a knife! I guess teacher knows best!

  6. Becca Ash

    It’s cool how you can add different flavoring to the rolls!

  7. Allie

    These look delicious, just like my dad makes them. Wish I could have been there to help!

  8. Yesica Melchor

    I didn’t know it was so easy to make cinnamon rolls from scratch..

  9. Brooke Maryniak

    I thought it was a great idea to cut the cinnamon rolls with a thread instead of a knife. It seems easier to cut and work with.

  10. Erin

    I still can’t get over how easy it was to cut the cinnamon rolls with a thread! And spreading out the cinnamon and sugar evenly is important, otherwise some will be sweeter and more tasty than others.

  11. Elizabeth

    Pretty nifty to know to cut the dough with thread or something of the sort so it doesn’t squish anything!

  12. Parker

    these were so easy. plus that string thing was pretty smart.

  13. imari daniels

    i’ve already told you in class on thursday, but i never knew that you could cut the dough by using thread. my sister and i have always rolled the dough and pulled it apart by hand. but i’ll use that method next time i make some.


  14. Jennifer Pham

    The cinnamon rolls that dont have butter taste the same without the butter, but the butter does kind of help the cinnamon sugar stick to the dough. 🙂

  15. Becca Ash

    Dental floss is a great idea instead of a knife.

  16. ariel smith

    oh yeah, these are yummy && my group got the first picture*! (: lol

  17. Isata

    I didnt know you cut cinnamon rolls with thread.

  18. ALiNA

    Buhahahah there so delicious (:

  19. Ashley Maryniak

    I tried making these at home, and I forgot to lower the oven 25 degrees since I used a dark pan. 25 degrees really makes a difference! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  20. I must try this recipe. Sounds very easy and looks great!

  21. Radiance

    The cinnamon rolls turned out very delicious and I really enjoyed making them! 🙂

  22. Kayla

    Those cinammon rolls look yummy

  23. Kayla

    I love some cinnamon rolls

  24. will

    they were good i dont remember trying them

  25. Rachael

    I learned how to cut the dough with floss

  26. Victoria Spitler

    i did not know that you could make cinnamon rolls with biscut dough! and i think adding vanilla to the icing adds more flavor!

  27. Lindsey S.

    I learned that you can put flavoring in the icing.

  28. Jessie

    I learned how to thread the rolls and make them come out evenly.

  29. Tkeya Dix

    I learned that you can use floss to cut to create a much cleaner cut.

  30. Trish Jenkins

    i learned how to make cinnamon rolls! i usually only open a package and put them on a pan to cook! these are much better

  31. Taylor Jones

    I learned how to cut the dough with string.

  32. Alexis Cleckley 2nd period

    I learned you can cut the dough with floss beacuse it wont squish the dough like a knife.

  33. Brian Morrison

    That the diameter should be the same from beginning to end of the dough

  34. Hannah McManus 3rd

    I learned that you can cut the dough with thread and it would be a lot easier than cutting it with a knife. This is very simple to make!

  35. Abbie

    I learned that you can cut the dough with a string of floss.

  36. Jonathan Pham

    I learned to use string to cut the rolls

  37. Breanna swanson

    In actually doing this lab with my group, i had the job of kneading the dough. My mistake was not placing enough flour onto the parchment paper, therefore my dough was not the way it should have been. Thanks for your help Super Lupo to the rescue!!!

  38. Tori Attsion

    I learned that you can cut dough with dental floss and that it works faster and easier.

  39. gravett

    They were very good. My favorite part was the icing. I learned how to cut the cinnamon rolls with thread instead of a knife.

  40. amber amey

    i learned you have to cut them with floss so they will be perfect

  41. Miracle McDaniel - 3rd

    This dough is very forgiving, so if you mess up, there is always a very easy fix.

  42. Cierra Brooks

    These Looks Beautiful

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