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Blackened Tilapia Fillet

I’ve not always shopped at Publix.  In fact here in our suburb of Atlanta we have not always had a Publix.  When vacationing in Daytona Beach , Fla. we  fell in love with Publix.  I cannot say it was because of the pristine clean environment or the wonderful produce,  it was the bakery.  For the record it was their apple turnovers with the sugar on top.  We were in heaven!  We now have a Publix and guess what we stopped buying the turnovers.  Not because they were bad, but we did not want to buy a new wardrobe.    Publix is my friend.  I really like the fact that they give you a new recipe every week that is fast to fix and all the ingredients are right there for you to pick up.  Psychologically they really know what to do that will make you just automatically buy the right stuff!  They time it perfectly.  You go in the store starving!  The aroma of good food just hits you in the face. Then you  buy whatever they want you to buy.  I am just saying that their marketing department should be paid big bucks because they know how to work it.  Some of their recipes are fabulous!  This is one of them.

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