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Tami’s Everything Salad

You know that I love salads and this is one great salad that you will love, too!  When my tennis friend Tami told me that she made this salad every Thanksgiving and it was devoured I stepped back a minute and thought.  You know a salad really has to be good to be eaten at Thanksgiving  because there is so much good food on a Thanksgiving table.  Usually a salad will be the last food eaten, but this is the exception.  I promise you it is like dessert that’s a salad, but so good for you!  Tami served it last week at our end of the year tennis get together and it was a hit!  I made it last night for my book club and there was just a morsel left.  It is a fantastic salad and everyone will love it.  It has it all veggies, fruit, nuts, and cheese that are so good for you.  Then a heavenly sweet and sour dressing that is to die for.

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