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I love Italian food and if it’s a little fancy, but easy that makes it even better.  I haven’t made this in a long time because it is very hard to find a round steak that has both the top and bottom round. Check with your local butcher and if you can find the cut of meat then anyone can make this!  I made it when I was first learning to cook.  You just might need a second had to help tie the roll with string.  Although I did do it by myself today.  Brucciloni is a round steak that is stuffed with a sort of meatloaf.  The stuffing is ground meat, chopped onion, and Italian bread crumbs.  Roll it up.  Tie it.  Brown the roll in olive oil.  Simmer in a good red sauce for about an hour.  Serve with your favorite pasta.  It is so yummy!  You are going to love it.  Top it with a little parmesan cheese and use some really good bread to soak up the last of the rich red gravy.  You can do it.  I can’t because I have enjoyed the holidays too much!

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