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Pecan Praline Cake

I really do not know why I made this cake.  After being stuck in the house for four days I guess it was just a case of cabin fever.  Trust me on this one if you are watching your weight as I am make sure that you have more than two people to eat this cake.  Oh My Gosh!  It is so good!  It’s not one of those elegant dessert cakes that you might serve to get the oohs and aahs as you put it on the table, but I can bet you money that everyone that has just a taste of this cake is going to thank you. 

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Meringue Cookies

In my recipe file are  recipes that I used in my food’s classes in high school and college as well as some that I have asked for from students. I found this recipe in that file.  I have never made it.  I did make it  out of necessity last week.  I hate looking through all the recipes that are out there on the internet.  There is something about the sheer numbers of recipes that just won’t let my brain function properly.  I have this same problem when I am shopping.  I don’t do well at sales where you have to go through rack after rack of clothes.  Big warehouse shopping is not my thing either.  The fewer choices I have the better I am at making a choice.  Just try googling meringue cookies and see what you get!  It is a massive number of  recipes, so after hours of trying to choose what I thought was the best one I gave up! And I’m glad I did because this one is good! Meringue can be tricky to make.  For the novice cook inexperience can lead to frustration.  After my students had such a hard time making their meringue a week ago I set out to try to make it easier to understand.  I also wrote a guest post for Dinner and Dreams  entitled “How to Make Meringue for Puddings and Pies“.  Check it out for the low down on meringue.  Continue reading


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Truffle Brownies

My book club is having a three-day extravaganza at the lake.  I’m excited to spend three days with some very good friends, great food, sitting by the lake.  You get the idea relaxing by the water with people you love.  What fun!  Our book this month was one of my favorites Water for Elephants.  Oh My Gosh!  It was a fantastic read. At first I didn’t like it.  Then after the first one hundred pages I could not put it down.  I highly recommend it.  I love the author’s style of writing which makes for an easy read.   Anyway you will love this book!

There are nine of us going to the lake and we all have stuff to bring.  I am responsible for cookies.  I have made two that I am taking and will share one with you now.  The other will come later.  These are Truffle Brownies from Bon Appetit this month.  They are absolutely fabulous is all I am going to allow myself to say.  Easy!  Ok, enough.  You will love these.  Trust me.  Just one more thing the chocolate ganache is over the top!

Gotta run so here is the recipe.  I followed it to a T.  Enjoy because we sure have.   

Happy Cooking,

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