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Banana Muffins with Chocolate from Katie Workman

Banana Muffins Katie Workman

Every body loves muffins or cupcakes. To me they are one in the same.  These muffins/cupcakes will knock your socks off. They have the best ingredients butter, sour cream, bananas and chocolate. You know there’s nothing wrong with a little chocolate in the morning. It does a girl good!  All kidding aside these are great. To take away some of the guilt pair them with a big bowl of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. That’s one great way to start your morning.

This is another of Katie Workman’s recipes. It’s super easy to put together and really turns out a moist and rich muffin. So next time you’re looking for something great to do with two bananas that are two hours from heading to the trash then this is what you need to cook up in you kitchen.   You will make somebody happy.

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How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning

taco Seasoning

I cannot think of many people who don’t just love tacos.  I know that my high school students love them.   They are quick to prepare and fun to play around with the toppings making them versatile for any picky palate.  So here is a great seasoning to keep on hand because most everyone keeps ground meat in their freezer.  So now you have dinner in a flash.

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A How to on Freezing Creamed Corn

It has been a long time since I have frozen corn during the summer.  It’s a lot of work, but I did it this summer and it will totally be worth it January when I am yearning for a little heat and humidity.  Now I know that there’s frozen corn out there to buy,  but it’s just not the same.  Syble and I went to Rochelle, GA. and picked up a bushel of Silver Queen corn and here is what I did with my bushel.

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A How To on Freezing Peaches

Summer for me will be over in one week.  Tell me that’s not true.  And why does summer vacation go by faster than the school year?  August 1st, please that is still summer.  What happened to September 1st  being the end of summer?  If you can tell I am not ready for it to end.  But, I do have part of my summer in my freezer.   There are many ways to freeze peaches.  In fact, one site I found said to just wash your peaches, slip them in a freezer bag,  and thaw them in the refrigerator.   How easy is that?   Sounds like a great idea to me, but I don’t have the extra freezer space to try it.  So here’s how I did it.

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