Baked Tortilla Chips Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo

I made baked tortilla chips for my classes the other day and they loved them.  You know when teenagers tell you that something is good it really is.  They tell it like it is most of the time.  I was proving a point to them about portion control  as well as fat grams in servings.  Bagged corn chips that are usually served with cheese dip or salsa have 180 calories with 9 grams of fat for one serving which is thirteen chips.  I piled the chips up and asked them if they considered that one serving.  Everyone said no very loudly!  Next I pulled out a medium-sized flour tortilla which is 110 calories with 2 grams of fat.  And this is what I did.

I sprayed each tortilla with Pam.  If you don’t use Pam using a pastry brush a light coat of vegetable oil on both sides.  Cut the tortilla into 6 or 8 wedges.  I used kitchen shears. You could use a knife.  Place on a cookie sheet or a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 4 – 6 minutes.  I used convection bake and placed them on the bottom rack.  Don’t turn your back on these chips.  They brown quickly and you could easily burn them in a minute.  I am making these for my family for Cinco de Mayo and I’m sprinkling a little Kosher salt on them before cooking.  I really think that you will be surprised at how good these chips are.  They are crisp and flaky. Think about it 2 grams of fat vs. 9 grams of fat that is a big winner in my kitchen!

Here are a few other dishes that you might like for Cinco de Mayo or for that matter just any old day:

Happy Cooking,

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34 responses to “Baked Tortilla Chips Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo

  1. I do it with pita all the time…never thought of tortillas Wanda. Going to try this ASAP.

  2. Rebecca McConnell

    These chips are alot less fattening then bagged ones . The dip is great !

  3. jessica n

    tortilla chips are simple to make

  4. its a inexpensive way to make a good and delicious dip for any occasion

  5. gabby c. 1st per.; 2nd sem.

    I love nachos but I usually only eat them when I go out to eat, but of course Mrs. Lupo showed us an inexpensive way to make it at home. I like it and wouldn’t mind making it at home for the family

  6. edwin warner

    Most homemade food usually has less fat than when you buy things from the store, these chips for example had 7 grams less, and not to mention fewer preservatives.

  7. Alex

    This cheese dip was DELICIOUS!! Also very easy to make, literally it took about 5 minutes!

  8. Katie

    I learned that these are easier to make and that they have less fat then the bagged chips .

  9. Kaitlyn C

    I learned you can made home made chips that are 10x better then store bought .

  10. Viviana D.

    Its much quicker to make and much more healthier. learned you can make healthier nachos.

  11. natasha

    They look reallllllly goood:)

  12. i learned an easy, simple, cheaper way to make tortilla chips and a dip to go with it!!!

  13. kassie

    this was also one of the best labs we have done and it turned out great i loved your Baked Tortilla Chips

  14. sandrella cash-sims

    looks yummy

  15. Summer Bailey

    Both the dip and chips were wonderful. though you have watch the chips very carefully because they will burn before you notice them.

  16. Cierra Portis

    The chips are alot less fattening than the ones in a bag.

  17. Jordan Griffin 2nd black

    I learned that you can make fast and easy tortilla chips at home and they’ll be less salty.

  18. alyssa

    These were alright for home made chips. The cheese with chilli was very good also.

  19. Jasmine Jones

    I learned that you can eat a good meal w/o going overboard on the calories, baked tortillas are healthy and delicious !

  20. Katie Johnson

    These were so yummy! They are way better than any chips that you can get out of a bag, they are healthier, easy to make, and delicious. (:

  21. Carmen G.

    i learned how to make my own tortilla chips!

  22. Marty @nd period

    I learned that last of this was done in the microwave. Besides the meat

  23. chelsea pirkle

    I learned that there is an easy way to make chips that is cheaper and more nutritious.

  24. Brooke H

    They tasted delicious and when i cooked this at home it was a bit too crisp for my liking, so next time i won’t let it cook as long.

  25. Matthew busby

    I learned that you can reduce the amount of calories by making your own tortilla chips

  26. Ashton K

    i thought this was a good idea that saves you calories. im going to have to try these when we bring out the cheese dip at home

  27. breana h

    i think that makeing your own chips was such a good idea and it saevd you alot in calories and the dip you made us was phenomenal

  28. brittany h. 2nd block

    i never knew you could bake tortillas into a crunchy chip.

  29. Lindsey Harley

    I learned that these chips are easy to make and contain less fat, also the cheese dip was easy to make and very quick.

  30. Kaylon Hendrix

    I always thought tortillas were soft and you couldn’t transform them into anything cruncy, especially by baking them. I loved these, with a little salt they were amazing!

  31. charity

    i learned you can brush butter on the tortillas so they can brown!

  32. jessica v.

    i learned that these tortilla chips have a much softer texture than your average regular chip.

  33. A. Royal

    If you spray muffin tins with some nonstick spray and then put the triangles in, sprinkle with cinnamon, then bake, you get a great dessert cup ready to be filled with fruit and whipped cream, or other such goodies. You have to layer the triangles a bit . . . or cut the tortillas into smaller circles.

  34. they were so good i cant wat to make them my self iam preaty sure that i will get addited to them i love them alot! i love them lol!

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