French Toast made under the Broiler

I have made French toast since I was 12 years old cooking breakfast for myself and my two younger sisters.  French Toast was on the menu most mornings.  You know it is easy if a 12-year-old can do it.   I never followed a recipe.  I just cracked 2 eggs, added milk, and mixed with a fork.  I heated my mother’s cast iron skillet to a medium high heat.  Then dropped a  couple of tablespoons of butter into the skillet.  As the butter heated I just dipped the bread into the egg mixture and threw it in the skillet.  Perfection with some syrup.  I could do this in less than ten minutes!

After all these years of teaching foods I have never broiled French Toast and guess what it was on the recipe that I gave my class and they were all over it!  Texture is a biggie when deciding if you like certain foods.  Many of my students said that they disliked French toast because of the soft texture.  So in the middle of my demo I switched gears and made French toast the traditional way as well as broiling it.   If you like crunchy you will love French Toast cooked under the broiler.  Personally, I liked it both ways.  When baking French toast it produces the same texture as cooking it in a skillet, but when broiling the toast you get lots of crunchiness on the edges.   If you love lots of crunchy texture this is just for you!  Sorry that I cannot give the link to the recipe.  It came out of an old Pillsbury cookbook and I have searched their site as well as the sister site Betty Crocker, but cannot find it.

Broiled French Toast from Pillsbury     yield 4 to 6 slices

  • 2 eggs, slightly beaten
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoon margarine or butter
  • 4- 6 slices bread or 6 to 8 slices French bread, cut diagonally about  1 in. thick
  1. Turn the oven to broil.
  2. In a shallow pan combine all ingredients except margarine and bread.  Mix well.
  3. Melt margarine in jelly roll pan or broiler pan.
  4. Dip bread in egg  mixture, turning to coat both sides.
  5. Place egg-coated slices in margarine and broil 3- 4 inches from heat about 3 minutes or until golden brown.  I found that I had to rotate the pan halfway during the cooking time.
  6. Turn and broil on the other side.

Here’s what my classes cooked up for the French Toast lab.

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks

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1st Block Kitchen 3

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73 responses to “French Toast made under the Broiler

  1. These plates of french toast look delicious! I would of never thought to broil it either but I will now!

  2. Tot Free

    I’ve never had it broiled! I’ll give it a try!

  3. I’ve never tried French toast prepared this way. I’m curious now and will probably be experimenting tomorrow. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. Never thought of broiling instead of frying. But then, I’d ruin the calorie save by dumping syrup all over it!

  5. as long as it’s not too eggy, i’m a french toast fan until the end. also, i love me some broiler action. 🙂

  6. the french toast was my favorite my favorite part was dipping the bread in the egg

  7. alyssa

    I love french toast, and I was very happy to learn how to make and cook this!

  8. Katie Johnson

    The french toast ways o good! I rememeber when the whole class was finished cooking, the room was silent because everyone was enjoying the french toast. it was easy to make, and great to eat! (:

  9. breana h

    i love making French toast i make it at home all the time but i learned a new way to make it and it was fantastic

  10. Sarah M

    I learned a new way to make French toast, and it was awesome 🙂

  11. Rebecca McConnell

    I liked the way this french toast was prepared, it wasn’t eggy or soggy. It was perfect 🙂

  12. Alex

    This french toast was very easy to make, and very delicious! I never realized that you use eggs to make “french” toast.

  13. candiace

    This was so good ! It deffinatly kept me full & it was easy to cook.

  14. Chelsea M.

    This was delicious and was easy to make . I will definetly use this recipe at home!

  15. Cierra Portis

    The french toast was delecious and was not soggy in the middle and I learned there are two ways to make it.

  16. Marissa- 1st period

    I’ve never made french toast before and was pretty excited to make it in class. The toast turned out really good and i enjoyed making it. I learned that if you want crispier toast you should make it in the broiler not in the gridle or in the pan.

  17. natasha

    This was so good ! It deffinatly kept me full & it was easy to cook.

  18. sandrella

    tthis was really good and they were crunchy at the ends . yummmmmm

  19. Viviana D.

    Learned that if you broil the toast it is much crunchier and not that soggy .

  20. jessica v.

    the one thing i learned in this lab, is that you add milk to your eggs.

  21. i learned you have to dip the toast in milk for it to cook right

  22. kassie

    i learned that to make french toast crispy you should make it in the gridle

  23. Miracle

    The French toast were great my group decided to use raisin bread to and it came out just as good, I learned that it’s a very short breakfast and can be made in the matter of minutes……

  24. Kaitlyn

    i Learned There Are More Then OneWay To Cook French Toast

  25. Gifty

    i learned that i didnt have to make french toast the traditional way on a griddle and that i could make make it in the broiler!

  26. amber w.

    i learned the raisin bread works just as good a regular bread.

  27. Summer Bailey

    I learned that you have to monitor the bread on the grillet very carefully so that it does not burn on one side, and i also figured out i liked to broil my toast a lot more.

  28. Alison C*

    I learned that if you want your French toast crispy you should broil it, instead of cooking it on the griddle.

  29. Edwin Warner

    I learned that you can cook french toast under the broiler and it will not be as soggy.

  30. Jordan Griffin 2nd black

    I learned how to fan a strawberry and also how to make french toast.

  31. Lindsey Harley

    I learned that they are many ways to make French Toast, this recipe was amazing and was not soggy or anything in the middle, cooked just right.

  32. chelsea pirkle

    I learned that you can make french toast under the broiler i have never had it this way and i enjoyed it a lot.

  33. julie

    i learned from doing this lab how to broil and how high to heat the oven. the french toast were so yummy!

  34. Katie Johnson

    The french toast was so yummy. I did not know that you could put french toast in the oven to keep it warm. I know, making french toast is so much easier now! (:

  35. Jasmine J.

    I learned from this lab how to make french toast! I always buy the ones you can put in the freezer, but now I know how to actually make them. And they can be cooked two ways.

  36. Galia Sayyar

    I learned how to slice strawberrys so that they are presented nicely on a plate

  37. marty-2nd period

    I learn how to cook french toast because i never did it before. So now i can wake up saturday morinings and make it now.

  38. Patrick Hogan

    i did not know that making french toast was such a complicated process, after doing it, i would rather have some make it for me from now on.

  39. jasmin m

    i never knew that canadian bacon was already cooked and only needed to be warmed up, also that french toast could be broiled!

  40. ashton k

    i learned not to soak the bread too much or you wont have enough mixture for all of the bread

  41. brittany h. 2nd block

    I didn’t know that you shouldn’t really soak your bread when dipping it into the egg.

  42. Brooke H

    This lab taught me that you can slice the strawberries to decorate your plate.

  43. carmen

    i learned how to make some really good french toast! and i learned that it is very simple to make!

  44. Brittany Smith

    I learned that sliced strawberries and canadian bacon taste really great with french toast!!!!

  45. Kaylon Hendrix

    French toast is a very quick and easy food to make, there are some things to watch out for though, if you soak the bread in the eggs for too long it won’t cook right, also it is very easy to burn so you have to constantly pay attention to what you’re doing.

  46. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I learned that this is a fast and easy way to make a tastey breakfast. 🙂

  47. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I learned that this is a fast and easy way to make a tastey breakfast.

  48. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I learned that this is an easy way to make a tastey breakfast for your family

  49. charity


  50. mello

    I learned that adding a tad bit of cinnamon will enhance its taste

  51. britnee williams

    i NEVER knew what frech toast was made of before this lab. well of course i know it consisted of toast but i never would have guessed you used eggs to make it . i thought that was a rather strange ingredient i never knew was used to make french toast . and i never knew it was that simple to make i thought it was complicated . well thats what i learned the most during this demo 🙂

  52. Brittany Collins

    I learned that the french toast is supposed to be gooey when you bite into it.

  53. Jess Craig

    I’ve never had french toast and I loved it it was awesome

  54. tyra alston

    i learned that you have to have the right amount of egg for it to turn out right .

  55. mary depaola

    I never realized that french toast was so quick and easy to make and you dont need many ingredients.

  56. grayling

    I learned from doing this in class that you can add button to both sides while it’s cooking, and it doesn’t take long to make it.

  57. austin cunningham

    This lab taught me that you can slice the strawberries as a decoration on your plate.

  58. whitney hobbs

    After reading the recipe, I learned that when baking French toast it produces the same texture as cooking it in a skillet, but when broiling the toast you get lots of crunchiness on the edges!

  59. Kiara

    I learned that if you don’t cook the toast long enough, you could get salmonella because the egg doesn’t get cooked enough.

  60. Trey Irving

    i learned how to fan with the strawberry and makes the plate look good

  61. travis platt

    i learned the you have to use a lot of butter on each side of the bread and if you frezze the bread is better to use of this..

  62. Rebecca Davenport

    I learned that the recipe works better if the bread has been in the freezer so it doesn’t get soggy as fast.

  63. jamile.h

    I learned that if you freeze the bread your French toast won’t break up when you cook it. And you have to have just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

  64. alina 4th period

    I learne that you have to rotate the pan halfway during the cooking time.

  65. alina 4th period

    I learned that you have to rotate the pan halfway during the cooking time.

  66. Madison Hayes

    the french toast was fun and easy to make it tasted great!

  67. Avondre

    I’ve learned you can give french toast more taste and make it healthier by adding fruits

  68. dre harper

    i learned putting them in the oven crisp the french toast

  69. Victoria Spitler

    I like my french toast under the broiler because it makes it crunchier! But you have to be careful or else it will burn!

  70. jasmine

    i learned that french toast is made out of egg and milk.

  71. Daniele blair

    I loved making the french toast it was fun and my first time making that way!

  72. Carolyn

    I learned that you can make French toast in the oven.

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