Pan Fried Pork Cutlets


Every once in a while I must have a down home country-style meal.  You know what I mean.  Meat with lots of vegetables plus bread, preferably biscuits.  I don’t cook this type of meal often, but it is the type of meal that reminds me of my grandmother.  She always had this meal ready on any given day. That’s not going to happen in my house for many reasons.  What’s a girl to do that religiously eats a salad for lunch to get a fat fix?  The meal I prepared with these pork cutlets is one great way to get the fix!  Some of you are thinking that this nutrition teacher has gone off the deep end.   Not quite, this is my reward for the many visits to the gym and eating in moderation. 

I love fresh vegetables, but I am a meat lover, too.  When shopping for a meat to go with vegetables I found cubed pork cutlets on sale.  Three large servings for $2.50 compared to beef cubed steaks that were over $6.00.  They quickly made their way into my shopping cart. 

These pork cutlets are easy and very quick to prepare.  I served macaroni and cheese okra and green tomatoes, fresh field peas, sliced tomatoes and yes I made these biscuits.  It was heavenly!  I can see this making a sandwich with dill pickle slices, lettuce, and a slice of tomato.  Or what about breakfast?  Any way that you serve this crispy piece of pork satisfaction will be guaranteed. 


Heat skillet, add butter and oil, heat, then add cutlets.

Turn after 3-4 minutes or until golden brown. Continue to cook for about 2 min.

Pan Fried Pork Cutlets

  • Pork cutlets cubed
  • flour
  • lemon pepper
  • 2 tablespoons butter ( will help to brown the meat beautifully)
  • enough vegetable oil to cover pan
  1. Season both sides of cutlets with lemon pepper
  2. Dredge with flour
  3. Heat nonstick skillet on medium high
  4. Add oil and butter
  5. Heat oil and butter until it starts to shimmer or when placing meat in skillet it really sizzles.
  6. Cook cutlets for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Don’t crowd the skillet.  Cook meat in 2 or 3 batches if needed add more vegetable oil.
  7. Turn cutlets and cook for another 3 minutes.
  8. Drain on paper towels.   

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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59 responses to “Pan Fried Pork Cutlets

  1. This, and minute steak done this way are Vanja’s favourite mid-week meals. I don’t do this with my students as we have WAY too many vegetarians. If I was teaching HS, I would. But, for middle school – we do meat things, but meatballs etc. etc. where I can substitute veggies for the veggie groups.

  2. Linda Stagner

    This is one of Lisa’s favorite meals but I have always used beef cubed steak. She has to have a “fix” at least once a year, usually in the summer. I do fried okra, and mashed potatoes with gravy and it is sooo good. I know you enjoyed it and didn’t feel one bit guilty!

  3. Alexis D.

    I learned that if you use butter with these that it will help brown the meat really good and these look like they tasted really good!!:)

  4. Kateca F

    I didnt know you still had to use flour on the cutlets even though your are frying it in a pan.

  5. Brett

    they are easy to prepare

  6. Mandi 1st block.

    I learned that if you use butter on them it will help to brown the meat!

  7. Ladd Morgan

    I learned not to crowd the pan or they won’t cook as well.

  8. Jessica Turner

    they look really good but probaly tasted even better. I didnt think beef would be that much more expensive

  9. Nicole

    I learned that the beef cubes were more expensive than the pork cutlets.

  10. Jonathan 1st

    the pork is better fried not grilled

  11. Kristin 1st

    I didn’t know you seasoned it with lemon peper.

  12. Kamron Munch

    I learned that 2 tablespoons of butter help the meat brown.

  13. bethanie

    i didnt know butter would help to brown the meat.

  14. Haley V.

    These look really good. I learned that pork cutlets are cheaper than cubed steak.

  15. megan w

    I didn’t know you would use lemon pepper for this. I thought you might just use regular pepper or something.

  16. KatyB1stBlock

    Those look delicious! Southern comfort food is the best there is!

  17. Ethan Way 1st

    i love pork cutlets yummy!!!!!!!

  18. Rachel Carvalho

    Those pork cutlets look really good – I might try cooking those at home 🙂

  19. Andrew

    The pork chops looked really goood but i didn’t think you could fry pork chops.

  20. KhaMaria Jones

    The cutlets look really good. I see they don’t take long to cook.

  21. Mariama

    GO Ms. Lupo!! I thought you were all baking!! I didn’t know you could throwdown homestyle dishes but that looks delicious! I’m gonna try using butter when frying to make my meat golden brown!

  22. Ethan Way 1st

    I learned that when when your cooking these steaks their super fast to cook.

  23. Jessica Headen

    I learned that the butter browns the meat

  24. heather

    I learned that if you butter the pan the meat eill brown more!

  25. Kaytlyn 2nd

    I didnt know that butter will make the pork brown!!!!!

  26. Myah Edwards (:*

    I learned that if you use butter it will help brown the meat.

  27. william

    well i dont know about this one

  28. Adam

    It’s amazing how the pork was less than half the price of the beef. I never knew that beef was so expensive!

  29. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that you must use enough vegetable oil to cover the pan.

  30. Abigail Kremer

    I didn’t realize you could add butter in with the oil to fry something.

  31. Brittanyj

    I didn’t think that making this would be so easy! I also didn’t know you would have to put lemon pepper on them!

  32. Savoi 2nd

    I learned that you have to turn the cutlets after 3-4 minutes or until they are golden brown. They look really good!!!

  33. ronda

    i didn’t know you needed alot of lemon pepper .

  34. Olivia Jarriel

    I learned that the cutlets were cheaper than the beef cubes.

  35. Le'Keitha 2nd

    I learned that keeping the pan oiled is very important so your food won’t stick. Shockingly I learned that you need a lot of lemon pepper


    i really like how money conscious you are and how easy you make a good meal with out spending alot of money

  37. Jamal 2nd pd

    i learned you are not supposed to crowd the skillet.

  38. Denisse 2nd block

    When cooking i did not know you could use both oil and butter!!.

  39. Liz M 2nd

    I learned that you don’t need that much butter to fry the pork cutlets.
    ALSO that Mrs. Lupo frys food!

  40. Mallori

    Holy cow those look amazing. Your a good cook, i learned now how to cook in a skillet, i didnt know you could cook pork chops in a skillet

  41. Daniel Vinson

    i learned its cheaper to buy pork than beef

  42. Chase DuCharme

    I learned that by adding butter to it it will make the meat brown.

  43. Thomas Harris

    I learned that cutlets are cheaper than cubed beef

  44. seth moss

    the pork cutlets dont look like somthing i would eat but i’d try them just for you 🙂

  45. Leka Labat

    I didnt know that you have to put flour on the pork cutlets even though they are going to be fried.


    I don`t know you could brown pork with butter.

  47. Miya Dixon

    I didnt know you buy pork so cheap and it looks really good .

  48. Lucinda

    I didn’t know that pork cutlets would be so much cheaper than beef.

  49. Kayla Daniels

    I learned how to season both sides of cutlets with lemon pepper

  50. Mallori

    i learned how to cook meat with out under cooking it.

  51. Sarah Michalke 2nd

    I didn’t think you would use lemon pepper…interesting. well they look really good. I might try them for dinner sometime.

  52. Grayling 3rd

    I learned that you have to use lemon pepper and not just regular pepper.

  53. Malissa

    This is a great idea for my husband’s breakfast sammies. Can’t wait to try it!

  54. Jennifer

    This was delicious, thank you! I typically flour, egg and bread my cutlets but I tried to this way and my family seemed to enjoy it better than my traditional method, so I will be doing this from now on. It is not only tastier, but easier!

  55. Pingback: Susan J Freed

  56. Bacon grease or lard will make them even crispier and tastier too!

  57. Thank you so much for this recipe. I had searched for and tried so many other pork cutlet recipes and was disappointed every time because the meat always turned out so chewy. But the discussion on the cubing gave me an Aha! moment. I remembered my grandmother having a little tenderizing hammer. I don’t have one, but I understood the concept, so I slashed across the grain of the meat in a diamond pattern and then followed your recipe, and it was amazing. The texture was perfect. I was also tired of the whole flour/eggs/crumbs routine, and your simple flour and butter made it so much easier and really tasty. Thank you again.

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